Lightweight Hollow Axles

Lightest tiny house trailer

Hollow Axles = Lightweight Trailer

When it comes to building a tiny house on wheels, weight matters. Every kilogram adds up, and every kilogram of weight saved at the beginning of your project, is stress reduced at the end of your project.

Introducing hollow axles: Same load capacity, but with a lighter tare weight for your trailer.

We’re proud to be able to offer you new, lightweight hollow axles that are rated to bear the same loads as the solid axles for our 4500kg ATM trailers.   Hollow axles are not available for 3500kg ATM trailers.

How much of a weight saving is it?

The trailer tare weight savings is approximately 65kgs in tri-axle trailers and 60kgs for tandem axle trailers.

And what’s the cost difference between solids & hollows?


That’s right, you can save on weight without spending more money. Easy!

Solid v.s. Hollow Axles: It’s your choice

Benefits of Hollow Axles: Hollow axles have the advantage of making your trailer about 60kg lighter weight than solid axles for a tandem(2)-axle configuration and about 65kg lighter weight than solid axles for a tri(3)-axle configuration.

Consequently, you will have more weight allowance available for the house part of your tiny house before reaching the trailer’s maximum ATM, which in this case is 4500kg.

Downside of Hollow Axles: The only downside of hollow axles is they probably raise the centre of gravity (COG) of your tiny house slightly, all other factors being equal. A lower centre of gravity (COG) is associated with greater stability when towing.

Will solid axles make a significant difference in how your tiny house tows? Probably not, but it is tough to say, because a lot of factors determine your COG and determining your anticipated COG is a question for an engineer. At a minimum an engineer would need a detailed 3D drawing of your tiny house, plus all the building materials to be used as well as the weigh & location of all your heavy furnishings.

Disclaimer: Please know that Fred’s Tiny Houses Pty Ltd is not an engineer company. Fred’s Tiny Houses Pty Ltd is not giving engineering advice. Fred’s Tiny Houses Pty Ltd is not recommending what type of axles are best for your particular tiny house.

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