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Tiny House Regulations in Australia

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Tiny House Advocacy Success: Local Law Change in Mount Alexander Shire, Central VIC.

Our local council here in Castlemaine, VIC has recently approved a progressive law change for tiny house dwellers, when ocal Law 13 was amended on Tuesday 20th June 2023. The new laws allow people to live in a tiny house on wheels on private property (so long as there is an existing dwelling on the property) without a permit or a time limit.

This is extremely good news for people seeking a low cost housing option that provides a level of security, as tiny house dwellers can now stay in one location indefinitely and settle into the community, without the threat of being ‘moved on’ by council.   

Laws have come a long way since we started this business back in 2015, when tiny houses could not offer a true sense of security to their dwellers, because Victorian local laws almost always limited tiny house living to a six-week annual stay.

This local law change represents the efforts from thousands of community members lobbying for change twice in the last three years. We tried to improve the local laws in 2020, with limited success. Follow that story here.

Thankfully the local council members re-tabled the local law for review in 2023 in response to the ongoing housing crisis here in Mount Alexander Shire. With a progressive permit-free, time-limit-free local law proposed, the council asked for public comment. They received over 1,500 submissions through the ‘Have Your Say’ community consultation process that the council initiated. To read a break down of the feedback received, see the council Agenda Minutes here on Pages 20-26.

There are lots of community members who played an active role in informing the council on how to change their laws to make them more progressive and better serve the needs of our community. Special thanks goes to Carolyn Neilson, the Co-Ordinator of the MyHome Network here in Central VIC for her tireless and articulate advocacy for improving housing options in the local area.

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