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Mission Statement:

“To build and assist others in the building of Tiny Houses that by their roadworthiness, size, and design for the Australian climate will naturally inspire and liberate people out of conventional mortgage servitude and into an expansion of free time, the arts, and a deepening connection to the earth.”

We provide fully compliant tiny house trailers and comprehensive training and customer support to make sure that your tiny house project is a success.

Weather you are a professional builder, DIYer or you are buying a tiny house on wheels, speak to us first.

About Fred Schultz

Leader and Pioneer in Australian Tiny House Movement

Fred Schultz designed, built and lived in an off-grid, fossil-fuel-free tiny house with his wife Shannon and their daughter back in 2015.

Inspired to share it all, Fred founded Fred’s Tiny Houses where he teaches best practices on how to build safe, lightweight, well designed tiny houses on wheels. An experienced advocate of tiny house legalization across Australia, Fred has led the tiny house movement in Australia since 2015.

Having taught thousands of students in workshops and online, and having built more than 200 tiny house trailers since 2015 he has supported the builds of hundreds of tiny houses, both from DIY builders and professionals, alike.

There is no-one in Australia more experienced or well versed in tiny house topics than Fred Schultz. He is an innovator, thought leader and expert on all tiny house issues in Australia.

Passionate about making informed decisions

Shannon Schultz is the co-founder of Fred’s Tiny Houses and answers the phone when you call!

Passionate about providing clients with up-to-date information without the green-washing, Shannon loves helping people make informed decisions about their tiny house project.

She creates and hosts Candid Tiny House the podcast to provide free information to anyone starting their tiny house journey or looking to advocate for change in their local community.

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