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Why Choose Fred's Tiny Houses?

Impact for World Benefit

Every time you interact with Fred’s Tiny Houses, something good happens in the world. 

What will happen next?

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Award Winners:

We are the proud recipients of the First Prize in the international sustainability award for business:

Flourish Prize 2019 – Category: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

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Safety Innovation

Fred’s patented Unified Construction Method® provides a safe attachment method between tiny house and trailer. Make your tiny house vehicle strong, lightweight and safe to tow.

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We’re Different Because:

From advocacy and events to innovation and education, find out how Fred’s Tiny Houses isn’t just another commercial tiny house manufacturer.

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Hear what our happy customers have been saying about their tiny houses, trailers and workshop experiences.

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Tiny House Advocacy

Fred Schultz is one of Australia’s most active advocates for changing tiny house laws so that they support living in tiny houses on wheels. FTH is also a proud supporter, collaborator with and member of ATHA.

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Great info on building, living in and buying tiny houses on wheels.

We write about topics that you care about. And we make videos about them too! Check out our informative and fun blog about tiny houses on wheels in Australia.

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