While aesthetic beauty may not be your reason to go tiny, it helps inspire us here at Fred’s Tiny Houses to create cozy homes where form and function dance together in a place you can call your own.

Want know what it’s like to LIVE IN A TINY HOUSE?


When your family’s circumstances change a Tiny House can change with you. You can relocate it when you get that new job. You can add a tiny house Airbnb to your property to earn extra income. You can have a Tiny House for friends & family to stay over, or when teenagers or ageing parents arrive on the scene. Add a tiny studio space so you can work from home or have a dedicated workshop or art studio. A Tiny House makes sense for your changing life. Our Tiny Houses can be supplied as an affordable, complete finished product, get a quote today.

Alternatively with our help, you can BUILD A TINY HOUSE yourself.


Conventional housing is priced out of reach for many Australians. Yet people of all ages aspire to have a place of their own. Heating and cooling costs are continuing to rise faster than average income. Yet people want the security of affordable utility costs. A tiny house makes sense in today’s economic climate.

Why not try it out for yourself, book to STAY IN A TINY HOUSE.


Tiny houses naturally consume less of our natural resources and that’s more sustainable for our planet and future generations. A tiny house makes sense in today’s changing environmental climate. What’s more they are a great investment. Not only are they the ultimate relocatable dwelling, they can also generate an investment return higher than traditional real estate.

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