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  • Find your perfect match on this database!

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  • Are you looking for a place to park your tiny house on wheels?
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  • Do you already have a tiny house on wheels on your property, and want someone to occupy it?

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In collaboration with My Home Network:

The My Home Network THOW Working Group are working to optimise the appropriate uptake of THOW as affordable housing in our Shire. If you wish to know more about the My Home Network work contact Kaz Neilson on .

Tiny House and land share parking options Mount Alexander

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Tiny House Local Laws

The Mount Alexander Shire tiny house local laws were updated in June 2023 to allow people to live in a tiny house on wheels without a permit or a time limit (see below for limits of living in a tiny house on wheels). For a story of the successful advocacy journey to create this change, check out the podcast: Candid Tiny House – The Advocacy Season for information on how you can advocate for change in your home town.

The Mount Alexander Shire local law that allows people to live in a tiny house on wheels without a time frame or a permit has some limits:

You do not need a permit on private land with a current residence if:

  • Your temporary dwelling can be removed.
    i.e. a tiny house that is on wheels
  • You are disposing of wastewater, sewage and domestic refuse offsite.
    i.e. you are not connected to the water, electricity or sewage system at the main house
  • You are using your temporary dwelling for private use, not commercial purposes.
    i.e. the landowner is not charging the person in the temporary dwelling rent
    i.e. you are not conducting business out of your temporary dwelling

Tiny House & Land Offers in Mount Alexander Shire VIC Database

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Learn about how to change tiny house local laws in your area!

Listen to Candid Tiny House Podcast – The Advocacy Season for 5 in depth episodes on how to change the local laws in your area!


Fred’s Tiny Houses Pty Ltd is hosting this database as a free community service, like a community notice board. It’s an opportunity for people to find each other on a free tiny house and land share listing site. We do not take any responsibility for the safety, quality, appropriateness or legality of any of the listings made by anyone on this database or any agreements that you enter with people found on this database. Fred’s Tiny Houses Pty Ltd is not responsible for any insurance liabilities, damage or theft that occurs to people who engage in land share or tiny house occupation as found through this database. By making a listing and finding someone who you may be compatible with, you are taking responsibility for all of your arrangements and any risks that you incur.

We expect all listings and offers to be genuine, considerate and in good faith for public use. Fred’s Tiny Houses Pty Ltd reserves the right to remove any nuisance listings.

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