Candid Tiny House Podcast


The Advocacy Season

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This Season: Advocacy. Changing the local laws for tiny house living.

In our second season, we’re diving into something extraordinary that happened right here in Central Victoria. Last June, the Mount Alexander Shire made a groundbreaking decision to allow people to live in tiny houses on wheels on private property without a permit or time limit. This change removed the biggest barrier to tiny house living: council regulations. This significant development attracted national media attention and opened up a new avenue for affordable housing in our region.


The DIY Tiny House Building Season

Season 1 of Candid Tiny House THE DIY TINY HOUSE BUILDING SEASON is a multi-platform interview series with people who have built their tiny house on wheels in Australia. These honest interviews are with people who have built a tiny house on a Fred’s Tiny Houses Trailer in Australia after taking a Workshop or Online Course with Fred.

Mine these interviews for tiny house building tips that are grounded in reality and experience. Hear stories of everything that it’s taken to build each tiny house on wheels, including the:

  • financial costs & the savings;
  • things they wish they knew before starting out on their tiny house building journey;
  • injuries & the community support;
  • setbacks & triumphs; and
  • compromises & innovations.

Instead of presenting a shiny tiny house ideal, we take a gritty and realistic look at the enormous feat it takes to build a tiny house on wheels. Each client sets out to make a home that is a successful road vehicle as well as being a comfortable place to live in year-round.