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Get a Free 40 page Tiny House Trailer Magazine from Fred's Tiny Houses & Trailers.

Get a Free 40 page Tiny House Trailer Magazine from Fred’s Tiny Houses & Trailers.

Free Trailer Magazine

40 pages of beautiful, informative articles about tiny house trailers in Australia.

Based on our Classic model trailers (2016-2019) this magazine still packs a punch with quality information and explainers that is hard to find anywhere else.

Enjoy with a cuppa đŸ™‚


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Fred’s Tiny House Plans for a 7.2 meter trailer

Fred’s personal tiny house has been extended to 7.2meters long and fits perfectly on our 7.2 meter flat top trailer, width option C. 

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Pop-Up Roof Tiny House Plans

Stand up in your bedroom loft! These tiny house construction plans fit perfectly on our 7.2 meter flat top trailer, width option C.  

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Consumer Information

Get the low-down on how to choose a quality trailer and/or tiny house… because there’s nothing to stop someone from selling you something dodgy.

The only thing that gets in the way of you buying a ‘lemon’, or something that is not fit-for-purpose, is your knowledge.

In an under-regulated industry like the tiny house industry in Australia, there are a lot of cowboys out there trying to make a few bucks… don’t be sucked into a purchase you will later regret!


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Honest Interviews with DIY Builders

A multi-platform interview series that takes a deep dive into the realities of building and living in a tiny house on wheels in Australia.

For each episode there is a blog, a video and a podcast.

Learn about build times, budgets, insurance, council regulations, relationship management tips and lots more handy hints from people who have walked the path before you.


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Council Regulations

Interactive Database

  • Read about the tiny house regulations in your local council area.
  • Upload and share information you find about your local area.
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DIY Central

One place where you can find everything you need.

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Unified Construction Method

Building tiny house vehicles that are safe to tow and comfortable to live in – year round.

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Tiny House Trailers

There’s lots to learn about tiny house trailers! Have an explore here…

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Weekend Workshops with Fred

Everything you need to know to build a successful tiny house on wheels in Australia, delivered over a weekend workshop. Learn in person, with like-minded people, and get your tiny house off to the right start.


  • All Things Trailers
  • Getting It Off-Grid
  • Where To Put a Tiny House
  • How To Build a Tiny House

Next workshops in Dec in Castlemaine, VIC

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