Candid Tiny House

Candid Tiny House

What is Candid Tiny House?

Candid Tiny House is a multi-platform interview series with people who have built their tiny house on wheels in Australia. These honest interviews are with people who have built a tiny house on a Fred’s Tiny Houses Trailer in Australia after taking a Workshop or Online Course with Fred.

Mine these interviews for tiny house building tips that are grounded in reality and experience. Hear stories of everything that it’s taken to build each tiny house on wheels, including the:

  • financial costs & the savings;
  • things they wish they knew before starting out on their tiny house building journey;
  • injuries & the community support;
  • setbacks & triumphs; and
  • compromises & innovations.

Instead of presenting a shiny tiny house ideal, we take a gritty and realistic look at the enormous feat it takes to build a tiny house on wheels. Each client sets out to make a home that is a successful road vehicle as well as being a comfortable place to live in year-round.

Each episode includes:

  1. Blog article with a photo gallery;
  2. Video tour or short interview; and
  3. In-depth interview on the podcast.

Be inspired by all the people who have walked the path before you.

Season 1 consists of six episodes released every Friday from 24th September to 29th October 2021. All the interviewees are in Australia and we focus exclusively on information that is relevant to Australia.

Shannon Schultz is your host on Candid Tiny House. She talks to people every day about their tiny house projects at Fred’s Tiny Houses and enjoys getting real about tiny houses and everything that is involved in making them and living in them. She picks up the technical stuff from Fred (her husband) and loves catching up with clients to celebrate their journey and their tiny house successes! 🙂


Luke & Jess

Luke and Jess had only bought a mattress together, by way of a joint purchase as a couple, before they decided to buy a trailer and build a tiny house on it…

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Deon & Marine

It hasn’t all been curling waves and sea foam for Deon and Marine, a Sydney couple who decided to build themselves a tiny house on wheels back in 2019 to support their ethical pursuits and surfing lifestyle near to the city and family…

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Bree & Lucas

After several years of researching and two years of building their tiny house on wheels, there were still some things that Bree and Lucas wish they knew before they started…

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What does an award winning travel writer do when international borders are shut and even domestic travel is limited to one’s home state?

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Anna & Rowan

There are risks in building a tiny house that are known, like: hostile council regulations; shoddy building techniques that can lead to damaged tiny houses; poor design that can lead to an un-livable space or budget blow-outs that leave tiny houses unfinished and owners out of pocket…

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“What I wanted was space up there, because I didn’t want to be crawling around at seventy years of age, crawling around upstairs. To have stand-up space upstairs was really important,” says Jim about his tiny house design.

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