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Free Preview for Online Course:

Watch the first 3 Video Tutorials for How To Build A Tiny House – The Australian Online Course:

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Get a Free 40 page Tiny House Trailer Magazine from Fred's Tiny Houses & Trailers.
Get a Free 40 page Tiny House Trailer Magazine from Fred’s Tiny Houses & Trailers.

Consumer Information:

The national Australian trailer regulations don’t cover you for buying a safe tiny house trailer. Here’s what you should know before you buy.

Preparing to buy a tiny house trailer:

Before you buy a trailer, do these four things first.

17 minute Documentary on Fred’s own Tiny House:

Making a Tiny House Vehicle Vibration-Resilient and Strong:
Make your tiny house vibration-resilient and strong enough to withstand high winds during transport.

The Unified Construction Method® explained.

Council Regulations: a Free National Database

Council regulations pertaining to tiny houses vary between local councils. It can take a long time to find the right info for each local council across Australia, so we are compiling a database of original-source information that you can scan quickly. This free national database is crowd-sourced so we ask that you contribute when you find new information.

DIY Building Resources

Relevant resources complied for your convenience. From trailer regulations to making hot water to lighting choices and materials to use… this is worth a read.

How heavy is that? A density guide for creating a weight estimate of your tiny house.

Composting toilet blog.

Videos, videos, videos…

Check out Fred’s Tiny Houses YouTube channel for 5 years of free tiny house video content.