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Are you a tiny house builder? Partner with Fred’s Tiny Houses!

Partner with Fred’s Tiny Houses so that you can:

  • Build on the best tiny house trailers available in Australia;
  • Use the Unified Construction Method® especially designed for tiny house vehicles to be lightweight, super strong and vibration resilient;
  • Receive client referrals from Fred’s Tiny Houses with clients who are looking for tiny house builders in their local area through our UCM® Tiny House Builders Directory;
  • Promotion of your completed tiny houses / shells for sale on our website (provided they are built using the UCM®)
  • Enjoy consumer confidence in your tiny house builds!

Partner with Fred’s Tiny Houses in these 4 easy steps:

  1. Complete How To Build A Tiny House: The Australian Online Course
  2. Fill in this Expression of Interest Form
  3. Read through the important legal information and take the Action Required at the bottom of the page to confirm that you understand and agree
  4. Call Fred’s Tiny Houses on (03) 5472 2130 weekdays 9am-3pm to discuss your entry into the UCM® Tiny House Builders Directory.


Do I have to pay for the Online Course?

Initially, yes you do. Your course money will be refunded, however, in the purchase of your first Fred’s Tiny House Trailer or through your first clients’ license fee. 

Why should I take the Online Course? (I’ve been building for so many years – I know what I’m doing!)

Your building experience is invaluable.You will be skilled, knowledgeable and fast.

However, most builders have gained their experience by building on foundations. Unfortunately, the building methods that are used for buildings on foundations are often too heavy for tiny house vehicles (here’s info on weight limitations for tiny houses in Australia) and not designed to withstand long periods of vibration and wind forces like the ones that a tiny house will experience whenever it is transported. As such, many aspects of building need to be re-thought-through when applied to tiny houses on wheels. This is exactly what the UCM® does. We will be asking you to slow down and consider different approaches, not relying on your current knowledge to get you through.

If you are going to build using the UCM® then you need to know what it involves and the Online Course provides a complete explanation of it.

Also, the innovation doesn’t end at the UCM®. We expect builders like yourself to come up with improvements to it, alternatives to it, additions to it. So it’s a great starting point.

We will only provide Certificates of Authenticity to tiny house clients of yours when you can prove that you have used the elements of the UCM® correctly.

Use Fred’s Patented Unified Construction Method® in your next tiny house.

Don’t build a tiny house on wheels as though it’s a building.  It’s not a building, it’s a road vehicle first, so it needs to be built to a higher standard than the Building Code of Australia (BCA) National Construction Code (NCC) for traditional houses.  It needs to withstand vibrations and wind forces that could rattle a conventionally-built house off a trailer, right into the car traveling behind it.

Don’t have your company name on a tiny house that falls off the trailer or breaks down during transport.

Ensure you are using the strongest, safest, lightest-weight tiny house building method available.

Fred’s patent pending Unified Construction Method® has been developed from years of research and VASS engineer consultations, collaborating with building experts and material manufacturers to make sure that your tiny house vehicle can withstand the forces placed upon it during travel.

Give your customers peace of mind knowing that their tiny house on wheels is built for the road as well as for comfort. It can withstand the forces placed upon it of vibration and upward lifting forces while being towed along a freeway.

With a UCM® Licence You Get:

  • Free training on how to apply the Unified Construction Method® for you and your building team.
  • Promotion of your business including celebrations on our newsletter and social media channels.
  • Active referrals from us to clients in your area.
  • Unlimited ccess to Fred to answer your questions.
  • Legal use of the Unified Construction Method® on one Tiny House, built on a Fred’s Tiny House Trailer.
  • Consumer confidence in your tiny house product and building method.

We will:

  • Collect video evidence of the build at the points where you have applied the four Unified Construction Method® elements and store it on our system.
  • Provide your client / prospective buyer with a Certificate of Authentication as assurance that the Unified Construction Method® has been used on their tiny house. Different standards of the Unified Construction Method® can be used: Gold, Silver and Bronze.


The UCM® is available for $390 per license and is payable upon purchase of your trailer.

For Commercial Tiny House Builders

Get your UCM® License here.

Give your clients (and yourself) peace of mind knowing that your tiny house vehicle is safe to tow.



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Use Fred’s Tiny House Trailers

Elements 1 & 2 of the UCM™ are dependent on these trailer features…

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We promote your business for you.

Enjoy being featured in our emails, celebrated on our social media channels and referred to as a preferred builder. 


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