Pop-Up Roof Tiny House Construction Plan

Buy the construction plans for this pop-up roof tiny house design.

Features of this tiny house:

  • Pop-up Roof design allowing for standing room in the loft (between 2000mm height clearance in the highest point, lowering down to approximately 1667mm, allowing approximately 1.3 meters of standing area in the loft).
  • The roof can fold down for transport so that it remains under the 4.3 meter height limit for road vehicles, allowing it to be registered and easy to transport.
  • Fold-down veranda awning significantly increases the covered living area of the tiny house, protects the house from direct summer sun and can be transported with the tiny house when folded down as it stays within the 2.5 meter legal limit for vehicle width.
  • Stairs ascend to the loft bedroom.
  • Flexible living room area floor plan, available for you to configure to your taste.
  • Room for washer/dryer in the bathroom.
  • Room for a conventionally sized fridge in the kitchen.
  • Two large underfloor storage boxes.
  • Guttering on the short ends of the roof for rain-water collection and storm water management.
  • Able to accept off-grid components and appliances.
  • Can be made (with careful management from you and/or your builder) to weigh less than 4500kgs overall including the trailer.*

*Material choice is critical to attaining an overall weight outcome that is under the weight rating of the trailer. It is your responsibility to manage your material choice accordingly.

How much does the plan cost?

This tiny house plan costs $1500 and can only be purchased with it’s matching trailer (7.2 meter, Flat Top, 70mm coupling, weight rating 4500kg).

The total Trailer&Plans Package costs $15,700*.

* Trailer prices subject to change.

What does the Construction Plan include?

A PDF document that includes:

  • Framing plan.
  • Hinged roof detail.
  • Unified Construction Method® details.
  • Awning detail.
  • Roof, wall and window detail.
  • Insulation detail.
  • Kitchen cabinetry specifications.
  • Window measurements.
  • Built in ‘L’ Shaped couch.
  • Framing for floor joists, spans for loft and upstairs bump-out over A-frame draw-bar.

The plans do not include:

  • 3D software files.
  • Window schedule, cutting list or materials list.
  • Plumbing plan or electrical plan. (There is, however, a place where you can map your own electrical plan to make it easy to communicate that to your electrician.)

**Note*** changes to what Jim shows in his tour:

Jim made some changes to the plans with his builder. These include and are not limited to:

  • Addition of asymmetrical windows in the loft bedroom.
  • Added wardrobes for hanging space in loft.
  • Slightly different stair configuration.
  • Extended shower dimensions.
  • Kitchen: Swapped positions of the sink and cooking areas in the kitchen.
  • Changed the fridge position.

See preview of floor plan below:

Fred' Tiny House Plan Pop Up Roof Plans for Sale

How do I purchase this Tiny House Construction Plan?

  1. Fill out the quote request form, selecting Trailer&Plans Package: Pop-Up Roof Design.
  2. We will send you a quote for the trailer and the construction plans.
  3. Follow the instructions on accepting the quote.
  4. We will send you an invoice for the plans and the first 50% of the trailer price, as well as a sales agreement and other paperwork.
  5. Upon receiving the first payment and paperwork returned, we will send you the construction plans so that you can start ordering windows and doors and other materials and/or talking to your builder about them. We will also send you free access to How To Build A Tiny House on Wheels – The Australian Online Course.
  6. When your trailer is completed (approximately 8 weeks later) you will receive an invoice for the remaining cost of the trailer and you can arrange pickup or delivery to you or to your builder’s location.

    Candid Tiny House - Jim

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Are these ready-to-go Tiny House Construction Plans able to be customised?

Some small customisations (like changing the size of a window, for example) may be able to be made by you or your builder without engaging any drafting services.

Fred’s Tiny Houses do not currently offer drafting services for customisations on this plan.