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Find a tiny house builder using Fred’s Tiny House Trailers

Find a tiny house builder that you can trust by using the tiny house builders directory below. When you engage one of the building companies listed, you know that you are getting a high quality tiny house built on one of Fred’s Tiny House Trailers, which eliminates a lot of the stress and risk involved in assessing the quality of the finished product.

When a tiny house is built using a strong and safe foundation, and the attachment method is taken care of, all you need to think about is the house part!

The list of tiny house builders below use Fred’s Tiny House Trailers exclusively. We do not receive any payment for referrals to their business, this is simply a method for you to identify trustworthy, high quality builders who all use Fred’s Tiny House Trailers in every build.

Tiny House Builders Directory

Candy Constructions

Hastings, VIC

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Tiny Homes Victoria

Bayswater North, Melbourne

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Contemporary Tiny Homes

Thomastown, Melbourne

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Omni Tiny Homes

Near Benalla, VIC

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Ordinary House:

  • Architectural Services
  • Tiny House Products
  • Tiny House Builders

Wollongong, NSW

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