Buy a Tiny House

Buy a Fred’s Tiny House:

Want Fred’s team to build you a tiny house? You’re not alone!

We’re changing the way we do things to get you a Fred’s Tiny House faster and closer to you. How?

  • By educating your local builder on how to build to Fred’s patented Unified Construction Method® with a single-use license.
  • Providing you with well thought-out tiny house plans that are roadworthy, light-weight, comfortable all year round, completely off-grid (if you want) and personalised to your needs, all through our Design Services.
  • Providing you with the strongest trailer with the safest attachment method that fits your tiny house plans perfectly.

So that you can:

  • Design your dream tiny home (and make sure it works in reality, not just in your head);
  • Buy a trailer that will perfectly integrate with your tiny home for ultimate structural integrity;
  • Choose a local builder who you feel comfortable working with and have them build from your plans onto your trailer.

With the one-use license you buy with the trailer, your builder receives education and support from Fred to build to the UCM®. Your builder will report to Fred at critical points in the building process to ensure that the UCM® has been accurately applied and you will receive a Certificate of Authentication once proof is supplied.

Or you use one of our Unified Construction Method® Providers. These builders have already bought a licence to cover their tiny house builds and have a pre-existing relationship with Fred’s Tiny Houses. They know how to apply the Unified Construction Method™ and are happy to build on Fred’s Tiny House Trailers using Fred’s plans.

Meet our UCM® Providers here.





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Award Winners:tiny house award winners australia

Did you know that Fred’s Tiny Houses won an international sustainability award for business in the category of Sustainable Cities and Communities? Read more about it here.





Don’t buy a tiny house without doing your homework first. Don’t make an expensive decision that you later regret because you didn’t have all the information that you needed.

Become an informed consumer about tiny house vehicles and save yourself time and money, and avoid making expensive mistakes by attending Fred’s Tiny Houses workshops.

Originally designed to teach DIY builders how to build a strong, lightweight tiny house vehicle with great design elements, Fred’s workshops have also always been greatly appreciated by anyone thinking about buying a tiny house from any builder. Read what people say about the workshops here.

Gain a complete understanding of the pros and cons Fred has learned for every design option. As a participant of our workshops you will come away confident in your ability to critically assess every tiny house design and buy a tiny house vehicle that is safe to tow with a clever design.

Find out when Fred’s workshops will be in a town near you.

Tiny Houses for You

First Home for Young People

Enter the housing market with a tiny house on wheels. Get off the rental tread-mill and own your own home, while working less and living more.

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Single Parents

While aesthetic beauty may not be your reason to go tiny, it helps inspire us here at Fred’s Tiny Houses to create cozy.

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Connect with family and reduce your housing costs by living in a tiny house on wheels. Meet Kerrie who loves living in her tiny house in her daughter’s back yard.

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Teen Retreat

Extensions are so old school! Give your teenager the space they need while keeping them close to the family home and providing them with housing security in the future.

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Get the highest return and the lowest entry available on the property market.

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