Choice of Tiny House Trailers

All Fred’s Tiny House Trailers are approved within the new VSB1 Revision 6 Regulatory Framework

All of Fred’s Tiny House Trailers are compliant with the new regulatory framework (July 1st 2023) as represented in the VSB1 Revision 6 from the Australian Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts (DITRDCA).

  • All Fred’s Tiny House Trailers will be supplied with a compliance plate;
  • All Fred’s Tiny House Trailers have Vehicle Type Approvals (VTAs);
  • All Fred’s Tiny House Trailers will be supplied with a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and
  • All Fred’s Tiny House Trailers will be entered into the RAV (Register of Approved Vehicles).

Registering your tiny house trailer:

Your Fred’s Tiny House Trailer will be eligible for registration in your state or territory because it will be recognised within the new regulatory systems.

Registering your tiny house as a caravan:

You will be responsible for building a tiny house (caravan) in a way that meets all of the relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs).  Learn more about this in our Deep Dive Tiny House Workshop series. 

Fred’s Tiny House Trailers Features:

Hot Dip Galvanized Tiny House Trailers:

With every tiny house trailer purchase you get:

  • 3 hours of free consultation with Fred to answer any questions about your build (valued at $210).
  • Free access to online course (valued at $288).
  • 1 night free accommodation in Fred and Shannon’s tiny house when picking up your trailer from Castlemaine (interstate pick-up only, availability permitting).
  • Aluminium underfloor storage box/es – perfect for deep cycle batteries or extra storage space.
  • A truly insulated floor in your tiny house with no thermal bridging.
  • The strongest method of attachment between tiny house and trailer, Fred’s Unified Construction Method®
  • Australian materials and built with ethical employment practices and wages.
  • The knowledge that all the essential elements of our trailer designs are made in consultation with VASS engineers ensuring the strongest and safest foundation for your tiny home on wheels.
  • Extra cabling for legally required outline marker lights front & rear.
  • A spare tyre.
  • See both videos above for features of all Fred’s Tiny House Trailers including Version 2.0!
The Gold Unified Construction Method® is when the builder has used all 4 of the elements that make up the Unified Construction Method®.
Patent-protected trailer design.
Did you know that this design is protected under Australian and international patent?
Find out more here.

Tiny House Trailer Prices:

Current trailer prices, click here. Price list Fred's Tiny Houses Trailers


How do I buy a Fred’s Tiny House Trailer?

How long does it take to order a tiny house trailer

Start Here: Quote Request Form

Tiny House trailer fast quote


How to Choose Your Tiny House Trailer Specifications

Compare Trailer Prices & Specifications

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Choosing your trailer Style:

Flat Top or Protruding Wheel Guard?

Tri-axle or Tandem?

Read this page to help you make an informed style decision.

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Choosing your trailer width.

A guide to choosing the right width for your new tiny home.


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DuraGal or Hot Dip Galvanized?

Find out more about the choice of finishes on your tiny house trailer.

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Lightweight Hollow Axles.

The less your trailer weighs, the more house you get to enjoy!

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Carbon Neutral Tiny House Trailer.

Off-set the CO2 emissions of your trailer for only $30.

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SIP Accepting Tiny House Trailers

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Custom Designs

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Deck Mounts on your Tiny House Trailer

If you are going to have a deck on your tiny house, get deck mounts on your trailer for easy installation when the time comes.

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Towing Equipment to Pick Up Your Tiny House Trailer

Get these essential items so that you can hook up and travel home with ease.

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