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Choose a ready-to-go Tiny House Construction Plan

We have a small selection of ready-to-go tiny house construction plans available to choose from, which are available for sale with the matching trailer. Choose a construction plan below and then choose the trailer to match it when you request a trailer quote. Look for the Trailer&Plans Package section of the quote form. 

Why choose one of these Tiny House Construction Plan from Fred’s Tiny Houses?

These tiny house construction plans:

  • Use the Unified Construction Method®.
  • Stay strong during transport to allow for high winds and long periods of road vibration.
  • Comply to the VSB1 caravan standards so that you may register your completed tiny house as a caravan in any Australian state or territory.
  • Support off-grid systems for electricity, gas, composting toilet and solid fuel heaters.
  • Provide very good passive airflow, natural lighting and year-round comfort. 
  • Are properly insulated in floor, walls and roof for a thermally efficient and comfortable house year-round.
  • Fit your Fred’s Tiny House Trailer perfectly.
  • Are able to be built under the 4500kg weight rating of your trailer*.

*Material choice is critical to maintaining the overall weight of your tiny house under the 4500kgs, and you will be responsible for your material choices. For a density list of common building materials, click here.

How much do these Tiny House Construction Plan cost?

Each tiny house construction plan costs $1500 (incl GST) and is available for purchase with the matching trailer. Fill in this quote request form to find out how much your Trailer&Plans Package will cost. 

Will Fred’s Tiny Houses build this tiny house for me?

No, but we do have a list of builders who like building Fred’s Tiny Houses designs and using the Unified Construction Method®.

We can refer our trailer clients to these builders, and in doing so, we will endeavor to find a good match for you considering your location, the type of building services you need, availability and budget.

To place a trailer order, start here. We will get you a quote and call you to discuss your project.

Tiny House Construction Plans:

Jim’s Pop-Up Roof Tiny House: Plans

Stand up in your loft bedroom, and fold the roof down for transport!

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Fred’s Original Tiny House: Plans

Fred’s iconic tiny house has been extended (from it’s original 5.4 meters long) to 7.2 meters long, giving you a large bathroom and both lofts can fit a double bed.

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Custom Tiny House Plans

Got a specific design in mind? Speak to one of our associates to turn your tiny house idea into a construction plan that fits onto a Fred’s Tiny Houses Trailer and uses the UCM®.

See More
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