Offset the Carbon Emissions for your Tiny House Trailer

Carbon Offset Tiny House Trailers

Offset carbon emissions for tiny house trailers

Your Tiny House Trailer Doesn’t have to Cost the Earth.

We’ve made it easy for you to off-set the carbon emissions of you tiny house trailer. By selecting ‘Offset the Carbon Emissions of my Trailer’ on our Request a Quote form, you can simply add $30 to your trailer quote and we will offset it for you using Greenfleet.

How do you calculate the CO2 Emissions?


The average weight of steel in our trailers is 825kgs.

Steel is reported to create 1.9 tonnes of carbon emissions per 1 tonne of steel mined.

Tiny House trailers before galvinizing

Two tiny house trailers going to get galvanized.

So we estimate that 0.825 tonne of steel x 1.9 tonne of carbon = 1.567 tonnes of carbon emissions for the steel per trailer. 

Additional emissions

Add to that the carbon emissions from:

  • transport for the trailer parts
  • transport to and from the galvinizer and
  • electricity to weld the trailer together.

And we think that comes to around 2 tonnes of carbon emissions per trailer.

Carbon neutral tiny house trailers

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For only $30 we can offset the carbon emissions of your tiny house trailer.

GreenFleet plants forests with biodiversity in mind to remove carbon from the atmosphere and restore our native forests.

“Greenfleet is unique in its approach to native reforestation. We believe passionately in protecting and enhancing our biodiversity and have embedded this approach in our reforestation practice.

Greenfleet plants multi-species, native forests across Australia and New Zealand. Across our forests, we have planted over 400 different plant species which have been selected because they are indigenous to the local area.

Greenfleet plants with purpose. Our forests are suited to the local environment, improve soil and water quality, and provide critical habitat for native wildlife, including many endangered species.”

We reckon that’s tops.

Fred’s Tiny Houses has retrospectively off-set all of the tiny house trailers we made in 2021.

And now, you can opt in to this reforesting carbon offset scheme for your new tiny house trailer, so you can sleep easier at night and know that your tiny house trailer isn’t costing the Earth.