Tiny House Trailer Deck

Steel framed deck with stairs for entrance to tiny house on wheels

Tiny House Trailer Deck and Stair Entrance

The perfect addition to your tiny house trailer is a deck with stairs and hand railing to make accessing your tiny house front door oh-so-easy.

Fred’s Tiny House Trailer Decks are:

  • Specially designed to attach seamlessly onto your Fred’s Tiny Houses Trailer.
  • Steel framed, making them strong and durable.
  • Feature enough space for a table and chairs to sit outside and have your morning coffee.
  • Include stairs for easily accessing your tiny house on wheels.
  • Can be clad in any material of your choice to match the cladding of your home. Cladding not included.

Kick off your muddy shoes, grow herbs and flowers in pots, store your umbrella in a stand next to your ‘Welcome’ mat.

To buy a deck with your tiny house trailer:

  1. Fill out our online Order Form specifying your trailer. When it asks ‘Would you like a deck with that?’ answer Yes!
  2. Make an initial and refundable Good Faith Deposit of $995 by direct deposit or Stripe. This establishes your place in our manufacturing queue.
  3. We send you a quote reflecting the exact details of your trailer purchase, making sure it is a perfect fit with your tiny house design.
  4. We’ll send you a sales agreement to sign.
  5. Pay the 50% deposit (minus the $995 already paid).
  6. Pay the remainder just prior to pick up or delivery.

Make your refundable Good Faith Deposit here: