Catie and George

Before attending Fred’s workshop, I was an uninformed Tiny House enthusiast. Images of reclaimed materials, off-grid shacks that defied the laws of physics (and the local council) served as #inspo, and my partner and I were pretty close to impulse-buying a 1968 Bedford to build on.

Luckily, Fred came to Tassie at just the right time, giving us the tools to start making informed choices. Less idealistic, more pragmatic – without quashing our excitement.

Fred is an incredible teacher, presenter and all-round genius. His extreme attention to detail and scientific mind makes him the kind of Tiny House expert you trust – even if some of the numbers bounced in one ear and out the other.

Over the course of two days, Fred gave us a crash course in not only Tiny House construction, but the important stuff you don’t see online – where to put your tiny house, how to tow it safely, different types of materials, and common planning pitfalls.

It illuminated just how flimsy most of the available info is, and that we need to keep the Australian climate and construction regulations in mind. Having the local Alderman come and chat to us was a highlight, and Fred even took the time to research our state-specific limitations. Brilliant. Ultimately, the connections alone would have justified the ticket price. What better way to meet people in your area with similar aspirations, attitudes and enthusiasm?

We’re now part of a supportive and helpful local Tiny House brigade. Thank you Fred (and team!) for putting on such a professional, engaging workshop. We’re still DIY Tiny House enthusiasts – just with a far greater chance of success. With gratitude, Catie and George, Tasmania