7.2 Meter Tiny House Trailer 4500kgs Flat Top


7.2 Meter Tiny House Trailer 4500kg ATM Tri-Axle Flat Top (Model #7)

  • $14,980 Inc. GST – DuraGal (DG)
  • $17,090 Inc. GST – Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
  • Tare weight: ~870kgs (3 solid axles)(v.2.1)*
  • Trailer floor height from ground: 750mm
  • Ball coupling: 70mm or Pintle ring: 3″ (75mm ID inside dimension, 116mm OD outside dimension).
  • This tiny house trailer is compliant to the VSB1 Revision 6 ( Vehicle Standard Bulletin 1 Revision 6) which came into full effect on 1st July 2023, meaning the trailer comes with:
    • Compliance plate
    • VIN
    • VTA (Vehicle Type Approval)
    • RAV entry (Register of Approved Vehicles) which is nation-wide
    • Eligible for registration in your state or territory

* This video is of a v.2.0 Model #7 HDG trailer.

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With every trailer purchase you get:

  • 3 hours of free consultation with Fred to answer any questions about your build (valued at $210).
  • Free access to How To Build A Tiny House – The Australian Online Course  www.tinyhouseuniversity.com.au (valued at $288).
  • 1 night free accommodation in Fred and Shannon’s tiny house on wheels when picking up your trailer from Castlemaine (interstate pick-up only, availability permitting).
  • Aluminium underfloor storage box/es – perfect for deep cycle batteries or extra storage space.
  • A truly insulated floor in your tiny house with no thermal bridging.
  • The strongest method of attachment between tiny house and trailer, Fred’s Unified Construction Method®
  • Australian materials built locally with ethical employment practices and wages.
  • The knowledge that all the essential elements of our trailer designs are made in consultation with VASS engineers ensuring the strongest and safest foundation for your tiny home on wheels.
  • Extra cabling for legally required outline marker lights front & rear.
  • A spare tyre.

7.2 Meter Tiny House Trailer 4500kgs Flat Top in completed tiny house:

Lou used the 7.2 Meter Tiny House Trailer 4500kgs Flat Top in her tiny house build. Have a tour and listen to her interview on the podcast Candid Tiny House here:

Candid Tiny House – Lou

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