Tiny House Trailers

I care about your Tiny House! Having built Tiny Houses myself, I am available to you for every step of the journey. You’ll never be left thinking “What do I do next?”

Fred is not your ordinary trailer merchant. He is one of the most respected figures in the Australian Tiny House movement. He designs and builds tiny houses, and regularly conducts workshops and information sessions. Fred is passionate about building and assisting others in the building of tiny houses, liberating people out of conventional mortgage servitude and deepening connection to the earth.

Australia’s best house trailers

Australia’s best built Tiny House Trailers provide the very foundation of a Tiny House. It is the most important feature. Just as you wouldn’t skimp on the foundation for an ordinary house, the last thing you want to do is invest in a sub-par trailer. Purchasing a Fred’s Tiny Houses Trailer will ensure your Tiny House has the strongest attachment to your tiny house and therefore the safest tiny house trailer available.


When you buy a Fred’s Tiny House Trailer you get:

  • Australia’s best built tiny house trailer
  • A framing plan
  • A material and Cutting List
  • Three hours of expert advice

A tiny house trailer from Fred is much more than just a trailer.

  • A clever trailer design where underfloor & draw bar storage are built in.
  • Where underfloor insulation is not an afterthought, but is anticipated and designed in to every trailer and every framing plan we sell.
  • Easy connection points between your tiny house and trailer. No drilling of holes in your brand new trailer looking for a way to attach the house and trailer.
  • We use Duragal steel and then paint all the welds. This method gives all the advantage of galvanizing, without the risks of hot dip galvanizing. If you require a different finish please let us know, we’re glad to discuss your needs.
  • Fred looks after you with little extras like a spare tyre and pre-wiring for outline marker lights as standard inclusions on every trailer we sell.
  • And Fred looks after you with the big important things too like a VASS Engineer reviewed trailer design; and super strong attachment points and critical welds to make it a strong, reliable, roadworthy base for your tiny house. In other words: Australia’s best built tiny house trailers.
  • A Framing Plan to build the walls of your tiny house. A plan that is tailor-made to fit hand in glove with your trailer, creating the strongest attachment between tiny house and trailer available anywhere. Guaranteed.
  • A materials list and cutting list, so you know just what to buy to frame your tiny house and what lengths to cut them.  Saves you time & money.
  • And there’s more… with every trailer purchase you get three hours of expert advice & consultation time with Fred. Why? Because, you’re bound to have a few questions and Fred’s here to help.

To buy a tiny house trailer:

  1. Make an initial refundable deposit of $995 by direct deposit or Stripe. This holds your place in the manufacturing que.
  2. Fill out our online form specifying your trailer type. If you need to schedule a call with Fred to help you decide which tiny house trailer is best for you, call us on 03 5472 2130.
  3. We’ll send you a sales agreement to sign.
  4. Pay the first installment which is 50% of the trailer (minus the $995 already paid).
  5. Pay the remainder upon pick up or delivery of your new tiny house trailer.

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