Tiny House Trailer Towing Equipment Needed

What Towing Equipment Will I Need to Pick Up My Tiny House Trailer?

When picking up the trailer you’ll need to come with the right vehicle, the right gear and the right paperwork. This is what you’ll need:

Brake Controller:

You’ll need a ute or suitable car fitted with an electric Brake Controller.  This is what a brake controller looks like (below) and an auto electrician installs it in the towing vehicle.  Because your trailer will weigh between 840-990kg, which is more than what a typical car or ute can tow “unbraked” (maximum is usually ~750kg as “unbraked” even for a big Toyota Landcruiser for instance), the towing vehicle will need to be fitted with one of these brake controllers, which then allows your vehicle to tow up to it’s maximum “braked” towing capacity.

Here is an example of an adequate Brake Controller for towing a Fred’s Tiny House Trailer as found on the Huntsman website.

Towing tiny house trailer brake controller

70mm Tow Ball

A 70mm ball is a bit rarer and more expensive than a 50mm ball.
This is what it looks like, again, found on the Huntsman website:

Tow Ball Mount

And the following is the Tow Ball Mount, which the ball above goes into. Unfortunately this is not as easy to come by, but you can give Huntsman a call and see if they can order one for you.  Otherwise, an easy way to proceed is to find a Hayman Reese parts supplier in your area (http://www.haymanreese.com.au/contact) and ask for part number 21314.  

Please know that a Tow Ball Mount for a 50mm ball will not work with a 70mm ball, because the shaft is too narrow.  The Tow Ball Mount for a 70mm ball below can be a special order item for most caravan parts suppliers, but easily gotten with a bit of time.  Will run >$200, so just expect that.

Unregistered Vehicle Permit

If we have not registered the vehicle on your behalf (we can only provide registration in Victoria) you will need an Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) to tow the trailer on the road, because it will be unregistered when you pick up the trailer.   An UVP is legally required when travelling on the roadways with a vehicle that is unregistered. If you are taking the trailer directly to get it registered you do not need to get an UVP. However, even though this is the case, we would recommend that you get the UVP anyway because it gives you 3-party insurance cover while you are returning home with your trailer and it is relatively inexpensive (less than $30). We would also recommend you get an UVP in Victoria and one from your home state. Here’s the link to Victorian Unregistered Vehicle Permit Applications.