SIP Accepting Trailers

SIP Panel Tiny House Trailers

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) can be a great option for tiny house building. Up until now though, it’s been tricky to securely attach the SIPs onto a trailer.

Thankfully, Fred has solved the problem by designing his unique SIP accepting tiny house trailer.

Now it is possible to build a tiny house with SIPs knowing that they can be safely attached to your trailer.

Are SIPs easy to use for DIY Builders?

SIP’s hold the potential to be light weight and strong structures. However running electrical conduit & plumbing pipes inside a SIP requires some ingenuity and/or prior experience working with SIP’s.

This means a SIP panel tiny house can sometimes leave the realm of a DIY project.

Janine Strachan of Tiny House Solutions uses Fred’s Tiny Houses SIP accepting trailers:

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