Deck Mounts on your Tiny House Trailer

deck mount on Tiny House trailer

Add deck mounts to your tiny house trailer

By adding deck mounts to your tiny house trailer chassis, you create a place for easily attaching a deck to your tiny house, once it is parked in position.

What is a deck mount?

A deck mount is a small ‘U’ shaped piece of metal that is welded to your tiny house trailer. It comes in a size that accepts either timber or steel members. There is a hole drilled on either side of the deck mount for your choice of fastening method.

How many deck mounts will I need?

First, you determine how many decks your tiny house design will have, and on which walls/sides they will go on. We recommend having deck mounts wherever you have an external door planned. Typically we provide 3 deck mounts on a long wall of a tiny house trailer and two deck mounts on a short wall of the tiny house trailer.

This gives you a place to attach timber or steel members of your deck structure to your tiny house.

Deck mounts can be fitted to all 4 sides of your tiny house, but most tiny house builders get them on either one or both long sides of their tiny house trailer.

Transform your tiny house by adding a deck easily using deck mounts!

add deck to tiny house on wheels

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Specifications of Fred’s Deck Mounts:

deck mount on Tiny House trailer

Square Hollow Section (SHS): 50mm x 50mm x 2mm

This deck mount has an opening width of 46mm, which suits a 45mm wide steel or timber member for your deck structure.

Why should I order deck mounts with my tiny house trailer? Can’t I just add them on later?

Deck mounts are easy to include at the time your trailer is made and more difficult to add later on once a tiny house is built on the trailer. Retrofitting deck mounts to a trailer after the tiny house is built on it, while possible, is made much more difficult because welding with an existing structure on it creates a potential fire hazard and is not recommended.

This leaves as your only safe option drilling many holes into your trailer for retrofitting bolts to support a deck mount. Take it from one who knows, retrofitting deck mounts to an already completed tiny house vehicle is a pain! It’s better to order deck mounts when ordering your trailer.

Also, if you are getting your tiny house trailer Hot Dip Galvanized, then the deck mounts will be included in the hot dipping process and all of the steel will be sealed in zinc at once. If you retro-fit deck mounts onto a trailer, it will mean breaking the rust-proof coating and exposing your trailer to potential rust points.

I was just going to build a free-standing deck onto my tiny house…

You could build separate, permanent decks around your tiny house once the tiny house is set in place. However your tiny house vehicle will likely settle and periodically need leveling throughout its lifetime, because it is not a fixed structure on the land.

So you might end up with a situation where the tiny house is no longer sitting flush with the fixed deck, and it can cause an annoying, toe-stubbing lip at your front door.

When your tiny house trailer and deck are connected together, they settle together, and do not cause this annoying toe-stubbing opportunity.

deck mounts on tiny house trailer