Custom Tiny House Trailers

Custom Built Tiny House Trailers

If you’ve got a special project in mind that requires a unique trailer design, ask Fred for a custom built tiny house trailer.

Get all the specifications you need as well as Fred’s support in making informed decisions on your design.

How long can you make the trailer?

A trailer in Australia can be a maximum of 12.5 meters long. However, length is not often the limiting factor for large tiny houses. Total mass (weight) is more often the limiting factor which restricts how big you can make your tiny house.

In other words: A 9Meter to 12.5Meter long tiny house is going to struggle to get under the upper legal limit (4500kg ATM) of what you can tow using your conventional driver’s license in Australia.

For a full explanation on size and wight limitations in Australia, read this blog:

How Big Can I Make My Tiny House?

Will you build me a 3 meter wide trailer?

We only build trailers that stay within the realm of legal registration and safe transportation. That means that the width is limited to 2.5 meters and the ATM is limited to 4500kgs.

How much does it cost to design a new trailer?

The cost of designing a new trailer is AU$450 including GST. The trailer itself will be priced in the quote and the specifications will be made clear in the sales agreement. 

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