All Things Trailers for Tiny House Builders

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Become a Trailer Pro

You’re keen to build a tiny house on wheels, but trailers are new to you and it’s so important – you’ve got to get the foundation for your tiny house right the first time.  Get informed, clear honest advice about your trailer from someone who knows in this three  hour workshop.

Whether you plan on buying a tiny house trailer built to your specifications or you plan to build the trailer yourself this is the workshop that will give you peace of mind and a clear path forward.

Learn everything you need to know about trailers for tiny houses here in this half-day (three hour) workshop.

  • Understand attachment points between your tiny house and your trailer.
  • Learn how to avoid the 6 main risks when building or buying a new or used trailer for a tiny house.
  • Understand your trailer’s compliance plate.
  • Learn how to “Speak Trailer” so you won’t be taken for a ride.
  • Learn what makes a trailer roadworthy, compliant, and insurable.
  • Understand the most important things to look for when buying a trailer for a tiny house.

Learn from an expert, avoid common errors and start your tiny house on a great foundation!

This workshop is for DIY-ers

This workshop is for the DIY-er or anyone wishing to become an informed consumer of tiny house trailers.

If you are a trades person wishing to branch out into tiny house building as part of your business, please see our Business To Business page which describes our licensing agreements.

What others have said about this workshop:

“I could have saved myself 6 months of research just attending this workshop. I appreciated the clear and simple explanations of GVM, ATM and GCM and weight distribution on the trailer. Just the details alone of how to adequately secure the subfloor to the trailer will save you hundreds of dollars on needed RHS steel for those wishing to make their own trailer.”

“My trailer knowledge was very limited, so it was all very helpful, especially how to connect the house and trailer.”

“Very informative. Good slides.”

“Really great workshop.  Lots of information about issues I hadn’t considered.”

“Fred made it seem do-able.  I feel inspired and well informed.  Love that I get to join a closed Facebook group where it’s safe to keep my learning going. Thanks, Fred.”

Money back guarantee: We stand by all our workshops and are confident that you will leave satisfied. That’s a 100% money back guarantee.