Why buy Fred’s Tiny House Trailers?

Choosing your tiny house trailer width

Get the Strongest Foundations:

You know how important good foundations are for a conventional house.

Well, you can just imagine then how important strong foundations are for a tiny house vehicle.

Not only does the trailer have to support the tiny house, it has to transport it too, with the house facing huge wind pressures and long periods of vibration.

Thankfully, Fred has designed his trailers to withstand the high wind pressures faced by tiny house vehicles and the vibrations too. He has worked with Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) engineers to design the strongest most resilient tiny house trailers on the market.

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Avoid cheap trailers with unsafe designs:

Most tiny house trailer manufacturers are competing against each other on price, so they find ways of reducing their costs, offering attractive prices and weak trailers to unwitting customers – commercial builders and DIYers alike.

One of the ways that they cut costs is to make a short ‘A-frame drawbar’. By cutting one 8 meter length of steel in half and using two short lengths of steel for the A frame, trailer manufacturers save money but they sacrifice sound design.

Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) engineers (people in Victoria whom consult on how to make vehicles safe) recommend that the A-frame draw bar extends all the way to the front suspension hanger for several reasons, that can all be summed up with one word: strength. But half a length of steel is often too short to reach the front suspension hanger.

When the A-frame drawbar connects to the front suspension hanger, it allows for a critical vertical weld to secure the two together. Without that vertical weld, it makes for a weak design.

If the trailer is made in such a way that the A-frame drawbar only attaches to the chassis rail (instead of the front suspension hanger) it is not as strong as it needs to be.

So with no points of connection between the A-frame drawbar and the front suspension hanger you’re looking at an inferior trailer, not to mention a potentially very dangerous one.

Competitor’s tiny house trailer with weak design. A-frame does not connect to front suspension hanger.

‘How dangerous?’, you might be asking. Dangerous in the sense that the trailer might actually split or completely break apart. So if that’s got your 3500kg house on it, you’ve got a pretty massive problem.

You might save yourself one or two thousand dollars in buying a cheaper trailer where the manufacturer has made some cost-saving design choices. But it’s important to weigh up the real cost of that saving.

What will you end up paying if the trailer cannot safely hold onto your tiny house? If a tiny house on wheels comes apart during transport because the trailer was made weakly, the cost will of course be financial, but it may be worse than that. Weigh it up. How much is your safety and the safety of those around you really worth?

We think it’s invaluable. That’s why we strike out in front of others with our unwavering commitment to quality and we always will.

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