Where to Put a Tiny House

Tiny house council regulations workshop

Council Regulations in your area

The most often asked question by prospective tiny house owner/builders is “where can I put a tiny house?” And because the answers are a bit complicated, we take a detailed look at various local laws that can affect tiny house living.

In this three hour workshop offered by Fred Schultz (Fred’s Tiny Houses) participants will

  • Gain some historical understanding of the tiny house movement and key relevant information regarding where to put a tiny house in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria
  • Introduction to relevant local laws & planning regulations
  • Real life case studies of where tiny house people are living
  • Regulations concerning Tiny House on Wheels (THOW’s)
  • Regulations regarding a tiny house on a foundation
  • Who is regulating THOW’s and tiny houses on foundations
  • The case for and against regulation

Fred will be bringing you all he has learned about tiny house legalities in this three hour workshop!

What others have said about this workshop

“Great presentation – interesting and very informative with an extensive discussion about legal aspects / councils.”
“The most valuable part for me was seeing examples of others living in tiny houses.”
“Examples of what was working and why.”

“Taking a pro-active approach to changing the law was really a highlight for me.  I wasn’t expecting that from this workshop, but Fred really delivered above and beyond.”

Money back guarantee: We stand by all our workshops and are confident that you will leave satisfied. That’s a 100% money back guarantee.