We’re Different Because

At Fred’s Tiny House, we:

  • Make the strongest and safest tiny houses
  • Build our own trailers as well as tiny houses
  • Support DIY Tiny House Builders
  • Specialise in off-grid tiny house designs
  • Have been nominated for an international sustainability award
  • Pride ourselves on ethical business practices
  • Support other tiny house businesses
  • Advcoate for change

Make the strongest and safest tiny houses

Using our unique Unified Construction Method™ we lock the tiny house down onto the trailer so that it is strong and safe to transport. We know that tiny houses on wheels are not buildings, they are vehicles, so we build them to withstand high winds and vibrations during transport.

Some builders will build a tiny house on wheels to Australian Construction Code, which is great for houses on foundations, but dangerously inadequate for tiny houses on wheels. We have developed an innovative method of going way above Code to make our tiny houses on wheels strong and safe vehicles to transport, so you can be confident in the safety of towing your tiny house – even if it’s only going to be moved once.

Read more about our unique method here.

Build our own trailers as well as tiny houses

While other tiny house builders order their trailers from external manufactures, we pride ourselves on manufacturing our tiny houses from the ground, up. We conceive of the tiny house and trailer as one unified whole so that the trailer and tiny house are deeply integrated, making for great designs that fit together seamlessly and are strong, safe and unique.

Support DIY Tiny House Builders

Fred started out his tiny house journey as a DIY builder and he is keen to share all he knows with other DIY tiny house builders. When Fred started designing his tiny house on wheels, no-one knew everything he needed to know. He had to bend the ear of builders, metal fabricators, electricians, VASS engineers, plumbers (the list goes on) to try to figure out all the problems he had to solve.

He figured out how to create a tiny house on wheels that was:

  • light weight
  • road-worthy
  • insurable
  • safe to tow
  • off-grid
  • fossil-fuel free
  • solar passive design
  • easy to live in full time
  • space for a family
  • low toxicity materials and
  • beautiful

Fred has become a leading expert in tiny houses on wheels and teaches everything he knows in workshops to DIY builders all around Australia.

He provides 3 hours of free consultation to all the DIYers who buy a Fred’s Tiny Houses Trailer and advocates for the legalisation of tiny house living to local governments all over Australia.

Specialise in off-grid tiny house designs

We build the off-grid capacity right into your tiny house design. While other tiny house builders will build an on-grid tiny house on wheels and tell you to install your own solar panels, we specialise in integrating the off-grid equipment into your design.

For example:

  • Solar panels add height to your tiny house design so we factor that in. That way you won’t accidentally make your house too tall to be road worthy if you install solar panels on after purchase. Solar panels also operate efficiently if they face the sun directly so we can pitch your roof to collect the most energy. Cool, hu?
  • Batteries are heavy and can change the way your tiny house on wheels tows if placed in the wrong spot. We build in a large storage capacity under the floor of your tiny house to sit between the trailer axles. This means that the batteries can be stored out of sight and become weight-neutral in how the tiny house tows.

Have been nominated for an international sustainability award

Fred’s Tiny Houses has been recognised for our sustainable products and practices by being nominated in four categories in the Aim2Flourish awards.

Those categories are:

  • Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Responsible Consumption, and
  • Climate Action.

Read about the award and our nomination here.

Pride ourselves on ethical business practices

Here at Fred’s Tiny Houses we make decision based on ethics, not just what makes money. That means we:

  • Have ethical employment practices and pay above award to our employees and prioritise our sub contractors.
  • Use Australian sourced materials wherever possible.
  • Use low toxicity materials wherever possible.
  • Provide clear, fully informed contractual engagements with our clients.
  • Engage the goods and services of other small businesses wherever possible.
  • And many other micro decisions every day that chose quality, humanity and the environment over profit.

Support other tiny house businesses

We provide other businesses with key tiny house products and licences so that they can make safe, strong tiny houses too. To hear from one of our business partners, click here.

Advocate for change

Fred travels all around Australia addressing local governments on how they can change legislation to benefit tiny house dwellers. He is a member of the Municipal Association of Victoria Tiny House Working group and is frequently interviewed on television, radio and in print media articles as an advocate for tiny house living in Australia.