Tiny Houses for the Investor

Maximise returns on your property

Do you own a beautiful property with some nice aspects? Why not place one or more of Fred’s tiny houses on the block and rent them out as part of your income portfolio? At an average of $80,000 to buy, tiny homes present the lowest cost, highest return property investment available on the market. Let out your tiny house as long or short term accommodation and enjoy high returns on your investment year-in, year-out.

Tiny House living has become a global movement while opportunities to experience tiny house living is extremely low. By leasing out your tiny house on wheels on a short term basis, you can provide a tiny house experience to all those wanting to engage with the tiny house movement as well as clients who are interested in glamping.

Live close to the city? Put a tiny house on wheels in your back garden and provide a long term rental option for people wanting privacy and simple living.

Talk to us about building you a simple, rentable tiny house today.

The tiny housing market is a unique, affordable and ethical investment opportunity for investors who don’t want the cost of maintaining a portfolio of large houses or units and have land they can utilise to bring in financial return.


Information Sheet:

10 Reasons to Invest in a Tiny House


Don’t buy a tiny house without doing your homework first. Don’t make an expensive decision that you later regret because you didn’t have all the information that you needed.

Become an informed consumer about tiny house vehicles and save yourself time and money, and avoid making expensive mistakes by attending Fred’s Tiny Houses workshops.

Originally designed to teach DIY builders how to build a strong, lightweight tiny house vehicle with great design elements, Fred’s workshops have also always been greatly appreciated by anyone thinking about buying a tiny house from any builder. Read what people say about the workshops here.

Gain a complete understanding of the pros and cons Fred has learned for every design option. As a participant of our workshops you will come away confident in your ability to critically assess every tiny house design and buy a tiny house vehicle that is safe to tow with a clever design.

Find out when Fred’s workshops will be in a town near you.