Tiny House Workshops in Tasmania

Tiny House Building Workshops Held in Tasmania Every YearBest tiny house workshops weekend australia

If you are looking for tiny house workshops in Tasmania, you’ve come to the right place!

Learn everything you need to know in this nationally renowned series of tiny house building workshops, held in Cygnet annually. Fred Schultz shares his in-depth knowledge of tiny house building with generosity, openness and clarity. Even people with no building experience will leave feeling that they have the resources and knowledge to take on their own tiny house on wheels!

Here’s what others say about attending the workshops.

Design your Tiny House on Wheels for your Climate

While we usually design tiny houses on the main-land to repel summer heat, tiny houses in Tasmania are best designed to retain warmth. This can impact your wall width, insulation methods and your window choices.

Fred brings his in-depth research and tiny house building experience to your doorstep so that you can fast-track your learning and save time, effort and avoid expensive mistakes.

Learn How to make the Strongest Attachment Between Tiny House and Trailer

Tiny houses on wheels are vehicles. Even though they are not motorized, tiny houses are vehicles because they are built on wheels. This means that they have to be strong – much stronger than conventional houses and built much stronger than as specified through the Building Code of Australia. 

This is because of the significant vibration endured during transport. Think of any trailer you see being towed down a road. It jiggles and rattles in every direction. Well, tiny houses on wheels do the same thing, only they usually weigh around 4500 kgs.

The vibration experienced by the tiny house on wheels during transport is like that of an earth quake. Only a thirty-minute trip down the road is a very long earth-quake for any tiny house to endure. Every join in the house will be stressed, so the building methods have to be extremely strong.

Thankfully Fred has developed a unique tiny house building method that is strong enough to withstand road vibration. Fred teaches this patented Unified Construction Method™ to attendees of the tiny house building workshops in Tasmania. He provides licenses to DIY builders to use this exclusive method for FREE and charges a small licensing fee to commercial tiny house builders.

Fred is a DIY Builder and Innovator.Tiny House on Wheels expert in Australia

Fred Schultz built his own off-grid tiny house on wheels in 2015 and lived in it for a year with his family. His tiny house on wheels is now an Australian Tiny House icon, showcasing Fred’s innovations and designs specific to Australian tiny house living. Inspired to share all that he knows to make other DIY builder’s journeys successful, Fred developed Fred’s Tiny Houses.

He has developed the strongest tiny house trailer designs and now manufactures them in Tasmania. He provides consultations on designs, makes tiny house shells for DIY builders to fit-out themselves and shares his tiny house with the world through Airbnb.

Don’t miss out on this powerhouse of workshops to blast your tiny house plans into reality. Book your tickets here.

Council Regulations for Tiny HousesTiny House Regulations Australia Tasmania Hobart

Fred advocates for local councils to improve their regulations to make it easier for people to live in tiny houses on wheels.

The workshop Where To Put A Tiny House explains the tiny house regulations in Hobart City and features the guest speaker Alderman Harvey.

Fred has also created a Council Regulation Database for Tiny Houses which is a one-stop-shop to see at a glance how each local government area performs in relationship to tiny house living. The database is crowd sourced and interactive, so that anyone can share their research to save other people hours of research.