Tiny House Verandah Awnings

Benefits of using Tiny House Verandah Awnings:

  • Tiny house verandah awnings increase usable space by approximately 100%.
  • Provide sheltered dry area for storage and outdoor living.
  • Passive solar designs can shelter north-facing windows from the sun during summer and allow in direct light during the winter.
  • Light-weight and strong.
  • Fold down and secured for easy transport.
  • Can be used to lock down house in the case of a bush fire.
  • Improves amenity and aesthetic of any tiny house design.

How will Verandah Awnings impact on my internal space?

Using Fred’s Unified Construction Method® for the wall construction of your tiny house, the interior space will be as follows:

No Verandah Awnings:

2236mm Internal width available.

One Verandah Awning:

2176mm Internal width available.

Two Verandah Awnings:

2102mm Internal width available. 

Can I buy a Fred’s Tiny Houses Verandah Awning ready-made?

Yes you can if you are buying a Shell or a Complete Tiny House.

If you are buying a tiny house trailer then we won’t sell you a ready-made Veranda Awning because we can’t safely transport it.

The Veranda Awning does appear on the Trailer Order Form, however, because including a Veranda Awning in your tiny house design changes the wall positions slightly and that needs to be considered when making your trailer.

How can I order a Tiny House Verandah Awning?

When ordering a Shell or Complete Tiny House:

If you are interested in Fred’s Tiny Houses building you a tiny house vehicle – either to Lock Up Plus in a Shell or a Complete Build – then you can contact us here.

We can discuss your design and help you make an informed decision about the best use of space, including Verandah Awnings and all the other options up for consideration. 

When Ordering a Trailer:

If you know that you will build your tiny house yourself on a Fred’s Tiny Houses Trailer and you would like to include one or two Verandah Awnings in your design, then let us know through the Trailer Order Form. 

In that form there is a section where you can indicate the number of Verandah Awnings you will use in your design which helps us make a trailer that fits your tiny house like a glove. Start here.