Why buy a Fred’s Tiny House Trailer instead of another tiny house trailer?

A Fred’s Tiny House Trailer provides the strongest attachment possible between tiny house and trailer making it safe to tow. We know that tiny houses don’t get towed very often, however, importantly, when it does get towed, it needs to hold together. And on the road, the tiny house will have to withstand the greatest and most extreme forces on all its fastenings, so it needs to be built to withstand those forces.

A Fred’s Tiny House Trailer offers the ability to create a completely insulated floor cavity, to make sure that the outside temperatures are not being conducted into your tiny house on wheels through the steel trailer.

Aluminium underfloor storage boxes come standard with your tiny house trailer, giving you additional discreet storage options for your tiny house design, perfect for batteries and other items that you need to store but do not need to look at.

Fred’s Tiny House Trailers are registrable in all states and territories in Australia because they comply to the VSB1 Revision 6.

With a Fred’s Tiny House Trailer you get free access to How To Build A Tiny House – The Australian Online Course, teaching you everything you need to know about building a tiny house so that it is lightweight, strong, vibration resilient, compliant to national vehicle regulations and comfortable to live in year round in our varied climates in Australia.

With a trailer purchase you also get three hours of consultation with Fred for free on your tiny house design, which can be used formally via zoom meetings or casually, if you are up a ladder or at the hardware store and need to know something on the fly.