I want to fabricate my own tiny house trailer so I am looking for tiny house trailer plans

Building you own tiny house trailer may appear to be a good way of saving money on your tiny house build. However, we have seen DIY builders take on their own trailer fabrication before and it very often results in a difficult experience or an unwanted outcome. Our strong recommendation would be to get a trailer fabricator to produce a tiny house trailer for you. That way, if you are building the tiny house on wheels yourself, you can focus your attention and energy on that. Building the tiny house is a big enough job on its own. We have seen many well intentioned, skilled DIYers lose so much energy just trying to get the trailer together that it has derailed their entire project. To put this in context, we have also received numerous calls from metal fabricators and boiler makers alike who want to build their own tiny house but they want us to build their trailer for them because it is hard work and they don’t want to take on that part of the project.

Fred’s Tiny Houses do not sell trailer plans to DIY or professional tradespeople.