I need the tiny house trailer dimensions before I can design my tiny house on wheels.

How will I know where the stud wall tie-downs are on the trailer to build my wall framing?

The stud wall tie downs (part of the Unified Construction Method® ) are placed on the long walls of the tiny house trailer only, and appear within the first and last 600mm of the long walls on the tiny house trailer. This allows for window and door placement to be freely designed into the long walls of your tiny house without interrupting structural support offered by the stud wall tie downs.

For more details on your trailer dimensions, see our tiny house trailer specifications page. If you have chosen a trailer style from Fred’s Tiny House Trailers range and you need key dimensions of your trailer, contact us on info@fredstinyhouses.com.au.

Once you have already ordered your tiny house trailer, you will receive a Sketch-Up file of your tiny house trailer for your design ease.