How wide can I build my Tiny House on Wheels (THOW)?

Can I build my tiny house on wheels 3 meters wide or more?

You can build a 3 meter wide tiny house on wheels (THOW) if you want to, however it will not be registrable as a vehicle. This is because it will be seen as a caravan under the VSB1, but it will not comply to caravan standards, as caravans are only considered registrable when they are under the 2.5 meter width limit and follow a number of other vehicle requirements.

(There is an exception to this rule in Esperance, WA, which will now be measuring tiny houses as ‘dwellings on trailers’ – not vehicles– so tiny houses on wheels in that local area will be measured by different width and construction requirements compared to the rest of Australia.)

If you are building a tiny house on wheels (THOW) wider than 2.5 meters, the overall weight of the tiny house when completed will be a significant consideration. If the completed tiny house on wheels goes over the weight rating of the trailer as specified on the trailer’s compliance plate, it cannot be towed on its own wheels. So a wider tiny house  runs the risk of going over weight by virtue of being a bigger structure and therefore would have to ‘lose weight’ somewhere else, like being shorter in height or shorter in length, for example.

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