How much will it cost to have my tiny house trailer delivered?

Generally there are three options for collection or delivery of your Fred’s Tiny House trailer to your location, all with different price consequences.

The cheapest way of getting your tiny house trailer to your place is by collecting it yourself. For this, you will need the correct equipment installed on your towing vehicle. If you are collecting your tiny house trailer from Castlemaine and you are coming from interstate, you are eligible to stay overnight at our tiny house (provided that it is available) to save you money on travel expenses.

The next option would be to float the towing job on a ‘tow my trailer’ type of website, which are online job-bidding platforms. This allows people who are already travelling that route to bid on the tiny house trailer towing job. This can be an affordable option but comes with some risk because the driver may not be insured to perform that towing task. Getting your tiny house trailer insured for the delivery trip is a good idea. This may cost between about $0.90 per kilometre to $2 per kilometre.

Finally, there is a carry service provided by transport companies who will transport your tiny house trailer on the tray of a large truck. This is the safest option because the transport company should be able to provide insurance for cargo that they carry, and it is also the most costly. It may cost up to $4 per kilometre traveled.