How long does it take to build a tiny house on wheels (THOW)?

First the tiny house trailer fabrication typically takes 6 – 8 weeks. 

It can then take three to five months for a professional tiny house builder to complete building a tiny house on wheels (THOW) if they are working on it full time and have pre-ordered materials including windows and doors.

If you are a skilled tradesperson and already working in the building industry but you can only dedicate weekends to the tiny house building project, it is reasonable to allow about a year for your project to reach completion.

If you are a DIY builder who is learning how to build for the first time and doing most of the tiny house building yourself you can expect the project to take up to 18 months or longer.

For all tiny house projects, the construction time is minimised when the tiny house is being built from tested and proven construction plans or a tiny house design that the builder has built before. Building indoors also saves construction time because it avoids delays caused by weather events.

For custom tiny house builds or builds without a detail construction plan, these timeframes may be increased by about two to three months.