Can I live in a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) legally in Australia?

There are different rules across Australia relating to living in a tiny house on wheels (THOW). Living in tiny houses on wheels will be subject to laws surrounding camping on private property which is different in different states, territories and local councils. In NSW, most local councils allow living in a tiny house on wheels if the person occupying it is a member of the exisiting household. In Victoria, local councils often limit the amount of days anyone can live in a caravan or tiny house on wheels to a six-week annual period, calculated accumulatively across the year. There are some exceptions to these rules, for example in the Yarra Ranges, Surf Coast Vic and Mount Alexander Shire. There are also different regulations in Experience WA. For more information about Council Regulations for tiny houses on wheels in your area, see our table of information here

We also have a whole module dedicated to this topic in How To Build A Tiny House – The Australian Online Course including how to research the local laws in your area, navigate council regulations and see examples of people who live permanently in tiny houses on wheels.