Tiny House Advocacy

Leading Tiny House Advocacy in Australia

Fred Schultz is passionate about creating sustainable, affordable housing for all. He advocates for the inclusion of tiny houses on wheels in local laws and for the rights of tiny house owners/occupants in many different ways, including but not limited to:

Leading the campaign to change local laws in Mount Alexander Shire council:

Tiny House AdvocacyFred developed and led a campaign to stop local laws from being passed in the Mount Alexander Shire that would have been hostile to tiny houses on wheels. Read more + watch videos.



Liaising with local government all around Australia:

Tiny house council regulations workshopBetween 2016-2019 Fred ran weekend workshops in 10 different cities across the Eastern coast, from Noosa QLD to Cygnet TAS and in Adelaide SA. Many of these workshops were attended by an elected local member of council who could speak to tiny house laws in the area and hear from the workshop attendees about their desire for laws that are friendly to living in tiny houses on wheels.

This opportunity to liaise with local council members helped to educate and de-mystify the tiny house movement for council members and helped to empower constituents with information on how to advocate for law changes and make direct contact with the people who control the local laws in their area.

Read more + watch videos (Cygnet TAS Advocacy 2018)

Watch video (Casey VIC Advocacy 2019).

Tiny House Local Laws Database:

Advocating to make tiny houses legalSee our Council Regulation Database where we invite members of our community to upload their research findings into a national database so that you can see at a glance how different local government bodies are responding to tiny houses on wheels. 



Member of Australian Tiny House Association

Fred’s Tiny Houses is a proud supporter, collaborator with and member of ATHA.