Teen Retreat

Has your teenager’s lifestyle started to cramp the rest of the family? A tiny house will grant your teenager the independent space they need while keeping them close and connected to the family home.

Better than an extension

You don’t need to extend your house knowing that your kids will move out a few years later, leaving you to rattle around in a large family home in your older years.  A tiny house is a better solution because they can take it with them when they fly the coop.

Plus you can avoid the expensive permits and building costs for building an extension or bungalow in the back yard on your property. Put the money for permits into a tiny house that your teen can enjoy.

Provide housing security

Give the gift of housing security to your teenager by providing them with a safe, comfortable, portable, fully contained home that can later be moved to share-house situations or cheaper land rentals, reducing rent costs. Your teen will get the the leg-up they need to enter the housing market in the long term by saving on rental costs.

Once they do own their own property, they can take the tiny house with them and either lease out the big house or the tiny house to help pay the mortgage.

Teach financial responsibility

Teach your teenager financial responsibility by buying the tiny house outright and setting up an achievable rent-to-own scheme for them to pay you back.

Aloof teen?

Engage your aloof teen with a partial-build DIY project. Buy a tiny house shell to Lock Up Plus with all the structural aspects taken care of, and your teen can join you in doing the internal fit-out exactly as they like it.