Taking It Off Grid

Off grid tiny house on wheels workshop

Build an off-grid tiny house on wheels

You want to live the environmental dream and pay no bills in your off-grid tiny house, but just where do you begin and how do you make a tiny house be off-grid?

Get informed, clear honest advice about how to incorporate an off-grid capacity into your tiny house design from someone who knows off-grid, in a tiny house, in Australia AND how to do it without using fossil fuels.

In this half-day (3 hour) workshop:

  • Learn how battery storage & solar panels work in a tiny house
  • Understand how a modern composting toilet works
  • Tips & tricks for insulating for summer
  • Learn Fred’s proven method to keep your loft bed ceiling cool in summer, including how to create a radiant barrier in your tiny house
  • Understand how to design a hot water system for a tiny house which is environmentally friendly and uses only renewable resources and no fossil fuels.
  • Detailed explanations of wall and roof construction for tiny houses on wheels.

It can be done! And you can do it!

Learn from an expert, who has built an off-grid tiny house that works.

This workshop is for DIY-ers

This workshop is for DIY builders or anyone wishing to become an informed consumer about purchasing a tiny house or tiny house trailer.

If you are a trades person wishing to branch out into tiny house building as part of your business, please see our Business To Business page which describes our licensing agreements where you can gain access to the superior advantages of patented Unified Construction Method

What others have said about this workshop:

“Great to get an overview of what can be done to go off grid and how Fred has applied his knowledge & research.”
“Fred, thanks for sharing your knowledge & experience clearly gleaned over a long time. All highly practical.”
“Thank you for sharing your knowledge & experience.  Great practical information.  The workshop has been a great starting point into researching & developing the ‘off-grid’ concept.”
“Very helpful for off-grid hopefuls like me. Good social interactive with other people sharing their projects and knowledge also.”
“Such a bountiful source of great info.”

Money back guarantee: We stand by all our workshops and are confident that you will leave satisfied. That’s a 100% money back guarantee.