4 Workshop Package – BYRON BAY, NSW

Save $45

When you buy a Package of 4 Workshops you save $45. Each session builds on the next from the trailer up, so you leave with a complete understanding of everything you need to know about building and design to get you into your tiny house build faster, easier and avoiding all the unforeseen pitfalls.

The package includes:

SATURDAY 4th November:

All Things Trailers for Tiny House Builders 9AM-12PM

Taking It Off Grid for Tiny House Builders 1PM to 4PM

Sunday 5th November:

Where To Put A Tiny House  9AM-12PM Featuring guest speaker Cr Paul Spooner
How To Build A Tiny House 1PM to 4PM

To learn more about each workshop follow the links above, then return here to get your discount.

What others are saying:

“If the course seems a little expensive to anyone I can say this, within the first half an hour it was easy to see how many pitfalls were out there and with the knowledge gained already the course had already paid for itself and by the end of the weekend it had paid for itself many times over and I now had a long list of mistakes that I definitely wasn’t going to make.

It was so inspiring and energising to be in a room full of enthusiastic people of all ages, backgrounds and with such varied reasons for wanting to go tiny. I went into this feeling pretty confident about building the tiny house but also knowing there was much to learn on the way, I got so much more out of it than I expected and left feeling motivated with so much more confidence and focus on what I had to research and how to go about it. From speaking to fellow workshoppers I was left with the impression that they all felt similar.

I would have said it is worth traveling all the way to Castlemaine to do the workshop but now he’s coming to Byron I would say if you are thinking about going tiny it’s a no brainer and a seriously good investment all round.

Oh and that Fred guy…..he’s awesome. A tiny house builder himself, a superb presenter, funny, informative and not very American for an American 😉 Dave Trevitt, Mullumbimby

“Absolutely instructive to the max! Forget all you thought you knew about building. Fred’s no-nonsense clear explanations of the reasons behind every build decision will give you clarity and know how to achieve both TH weight reductions AND the elusive desired space! 5 out of 5 Fred!” – Axel, Melbourne

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