Plans for “A Happy Life v1.0” Trailer




This product is intended for a DIY tiny house builder for a one time personal use only and contains the following three (3) files:

  1. A Construction Plan that you or your trailer manufacturer can use to build this trailer (PDF format)
  2. A Detailed Materials List so you know what to buy (PDF format)
  3. The SketchUp file (.skp)

For building a trailer with an overall length of 7.235mtrs; with the “box” section for the house being 5.435 mtrs (L) x 2.5 mtrs (W) and an 1.8mtr draw bar.

These plans are suitable for a tiny house weighing up to 4000kg., such as the “A Happy Life” tiny house model Version 1.0 from Fred’s Tiny Houses.

Building your trailer with these design specification will result in a trailer capable of being compliant & registered in Australia with a GVM of 4000kg.

Fred’s Tiny Houses accepts no responsibility and no liability for the trailer you build nor the tiny house you build upon it.

The detailed material list will provide you with specifications of just what to buy including:

RHS Steel;
Axles w/ Electric Brakes;
Tyres & Wheel Rims (x5),
Ball Coupling;
Jockey Wheel,
Electric Breakaway System,
LED Tail & Number Plate Lamps,
Connector Plug;
Cabling and Rated Safety Chain

Be sure to download all (3) three files.

You have three (3) days after purchase to download your files.

If you do not already have SketchUp Make 2017 you can download it for free here.

Proficiency in SketchUp is not require, simply click on the tabs at the top of the screen once you see the trailer and you will be able to see the trailer from a number of different views.

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