“Designed it From Scratch” Design Services




Fred will design your tiny house for you using SketchUp and provide you PDF draft images along the way

Your final product will be a 2D drawings in PDF format which you can them build from and will include a custom trailer design, how the tiny house is attached to the trailer, all wall framing, any appliances you specify, all windows & doors, interior & exterior cladding, as well as any awnings, solar panels and mounting systems if desired.   This plan does not include electrical wiring or plumbing diagrams.

You don’t have to learn SketchUp, but you benefit from it’s magnificent capacity to model your ideas in 3D:
• Testing how sunlight will enter your tiny house;
• Not leaving it to chance or good luck to find out how doors & drawers will open into your space
• How ladder positioning effects the surrounding space;
• Assuring you have sufficient head height and leg room.

Typically you will spend about 2 hours discussing your design with Fred over Skype, in-person, or on the phone.

In the 2 hours of talking it through with Fred you will decide upon roof style & pitch, wall composition, overall length, door heights & widths, window locations, bed size, lofts heights, solar panels & batteries, your appliances or special fixtures you require and several other key factors.  Once these attributes and dimensions are decided, Fred will begin work on your tiny house design.

Fred knows how to tailor your tiny house on wheels to be suitable to Australian road rules for a caravan as well as suitable for our Australian climate.

Buying tiny house plans off the internet are often North American & European designs that do not meet our Australian road rules for height & width and do not include provision for a radiant barrier to help keep you cool in summer.

Fred’s tiny house designs will be tailored for a tiny house on wheels in Australia that can be registered for travel as a caravan in all states and territories.

Please recognise that not all things are possible in a tiny house design and getting Fred’s advise early on, can help you choose the attributes that are both a priority for you, while also being structurally sounds, roadworthy compliant, and lightweight enough to be suitable for a tiny house on wheels in Australia.

If after the 2 hours consultation we do not agree that you have in mind a viable house to design, Fred will refund you a pro-rata portion of your design services fee.

Fred’s tiny house plans are for a one-time use to build your tiny house and are not for resale or further production.  Fred’s Tiny House house plans remain the intellectual property of Fred Schultz and Fred’s Tiny Houses and are covered under copyright, not to be duplicated, copied, shared or distributed in either paper or digital formats.

“Fred’s consultation was extremely helpful in the planning stages of my tiny house build, I feel more confident moving forward and know that I’ve saved time, money and mistakes by seeking his experience and advice! Talking to someone who’s done it all before- especially in Australia with our different climate, materials and regulations- is invaluable! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fred’s consulting to anyone thinking, planning or building a tiny house.”

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