Conventional housing is priced out of reach for many Australians. Yet people of all ages aspire to have a place of their own. Heating and cooling costs are continuing to rise faster than average income. Yet people want the security of affordable utility costs. A Tiny House makes sense in today’s economic climate.


When your family’s circumstances change a Tiny House can change with you. You can relocate it when you get that new job, or add a Tiny House Airbnb to your property to earn extra income. It can be for friends and family to stay over, or when teenagers or ageing parents arrive. You can add a tiny studio space to work from home or have a dedicated workshop or art studio.

Our community

We can support you in however you would like to join our community. We hold workshops on building a Tiny House. We provide design and drafting services. We can show you how to successfully invest and make money from your Tiny House. And of course we can build you your own Tiny House for as little as $50,000.

What to do next?

Have a look at the options available on our website under LIVE, STAY, BUILD. See what works for you and you can sign up for regular updates on our workshops, courses and special offers here.

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