Kim’s Tiny House

Tiny House design for families

Kim has two kids and designed this tiny house on wheels to accommodate everyone in the family. This tiny house design expertly allows everyone their own space while remaining spacious and breezy through the hot summer months in Queensland.

The kid’s loft features a desk for studying and plenty of shelf space for each individual.

Rustic Style

Kim loves that rustic, raw look with exposed wood and raw edges. So the facade of her tiny house combines raw cedar weather boards and corrugated iron. Inside the kitchen benches and breakfast table are crafted form live edge camphor laurel, celebrating the rich colors and patterns in the wood.

Stair Case

Stair cases in tiny houses are a great way of doubling ease of loft access with ample storage space below.

This stair case is designed for steep ascent, limiting the floor space that it uses. The roof line on Kim’s tiny house on wheels is pitched to allow head room above the stair case, also providing a great space for solar panels facing the north sun.

Privacy in a tiny house with kids

Kim’s tiny house design cleverly provides privacy for the bathroom, laundry and dressing area, with a wardrobe door that closes off the whole ‘wet’ section of the house. This provides a quick and easy way of screening off the inevitable mess of a utility area with one click of a door for when visitors arrive.