How to Build a Tiny House

Best information on how to build a tiny house workshop in Australia

Build it light, safe and strong.

You’re eager to build a tiny house on wheels, but you don’t have a background in construction and you just need the nitty-gritty of how everything fits together.

Get informed, clear, honest information from someone who knows and has done it all.

In this three hour workshop you will learn

  • the risks with tiny house builds, including material selection, weight, transport and insurance
  • what you need to get right when planning and building your tiny house
  • building terminology that will help you talk with confidence at your local timber yard
  • building methods suitable for tiny houses – making it strong and lightweight
  • pros and cons of wood v.s. steel construction v.s. SIP’s in a tiny house context
  • how to make your tiny house safe and sound to travel
  • how to adapt standard construction techniques in cyclonic conditions for a mobile, vibration prone structure
  • how to design a tiny house to keep cool in our Australian summer
  • pros and cons of common tiny house design features such as: wheel guard v.s. over the wheel “flat top” design considerations; roof style options and pitch for on and off-grid; ladders v.s. stairs v.s. all on one level living; optimal bathrooms and kitchens layouts; bed placement; skylights; french doors; and practical tips for living with kids in a tiny house from a father who knows.
  • Fred’s innovative Unified Construction Method® that produces the strongest and lightest weight attachment between tiny house and trailer possible anywhere
  • everything you need to know about how to make your tiny house roadworthy, lightweight, well insulated, off-grid and totally DIY-able by you!

This workshop is for DIY-ers

This workshop is for DIY builders or anyone wishing to become an informed consumer about purchasing a tiny house or tiny house trailer.

If you are a trades person wishing to branch out into tiny house building as part of your business, please see our Business To Business page which describes our licensing agreements where you can gain access to the superior advantages of patented Unified Construction Method®

What others have said about this workshop:

“Absolutely instructive to the max! Forget all you thought you knew about building. Fred’s no-nonsense clear explanations of the reasons behind every build decision will give you clarity and know how to achieve both TH weight reductions AND the elusive desired space! 5 out of 5 Fred!”

“What was most helpful was the discussion of building for strength and elaboration of effective techniques with physical materials as aids.  Also discussing building directly with Fred.”

“Fred’s model for teaching and his construction methods were ingenious.  Totally worth the time and money.  Feel excited about building.  I get it now.”

“Most helpful info for me was how to attach the tiny house to the trailer and having diagrams about walls, studs, etc.”

“All the tips that you wouldn’t know until you built one.”

“Building terminology & ‘know how’ was new to me and appreciated.”

“The most valuable part of this workshop for me was learning about radiant barriers, insulation and SketchUp.”

“Great gathering and interesting information provided and shared.”

“Best bits were learning in more depth about the reality behind building a tiny house on wheels.”

Money back guarantee: We stand by all our workshops and are confident that you will leave satisfied. That’s a 100% money back guarantee.