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Get help with your tiny house design from an expert who looks after the DIY tiny house builder as well as the investor and entrepreneur.

Fred designs and builds tiny houses and trailers – specialising in off-grid designs that can be financed and insured as a caravan.

One Hour Tiny House Design Service with Fred

‘I just have a few questions about my design’

Get key information from Fred on your tiny house design.

  • Avoid mistakes or oversights in your design that you regret when living in your tiny house.
  • Apply Fred’s expertise to your tiny house design to make it comfortable year-round, safe to tow and includes heaps of clever storage solutions.
  • Create a design that suits you perfectly. Fred will help you design your tiny home so that it:
    • supports your life-style
    • reflects your values and
    • keeps you comfortable in your climate. 

Hear what others have said about a one hour consultation with Fred:

“I really got so much out of it and I feel like I am not taking on this project design on my own now….
Fred’s knowledge and insight was very valuable and it has given me more confidence and enthusiasm to continue with my project with his guidance of course. 
Fred made everything very easy to understand and was open and encouraging to my own ideas and design, I can’t wait to work with him further on the project.”  – Laura

“Fred’s Tiny House consultation was a welcoming experience. Fred helped me as a novice to all things building, to better understand where to start with planning and forward thinking. The consult felt personal and was individualised.
Fred is a wealth of knowledge and I’m sure I’ll be calling on Fred’s tiny houses again.” – Georgie

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Complete Tiny House Design Service – Outline Drawing

‘Design it from scratch’

Work with Fred’s Tiny Houses architectural team to design your tiny house exactly as you want it, including all of Fred’s proprietary innovations on how to make your tiny house:

  • strong,
  • comfortable year round &
  • fit you perfectly. 

You will get a highly personalised and consultative process where you talk to Fred and Shannon about all of your priorities and practical needs for your tiny house design. Fred and Shannon will liaise with their architects to develop your plans into construction drawings through a three phase project.

Phase 1: Outline. (This is the phase you are now purchasing). 

We work together to come up with an outline of your tiny house design, so that everyone on the team can see what it is we are aiming for in the tiny house design.

Phase 2: Detail.

Here we work on the details – ie:

  • Will that door swing open when the table is being used?
  • Will you be able to sit up comfortably in your loft bed when you’re positioned above your bathroom?
  • Will the pitch of the roof support an easy ascent of the stairs?

Phase 3: Construction.

Here we refine all of the drawing so that every measurement and attachment method is clear and accounted for. This is a final drawing which can be read by any trained builder to make your tiny house design into a reality.

This Complete Design Service includes the license to use Fred’s Unified Construction Method™.

Fred’s Unified Construction Method ensures your tiny house construction will be safe to tow by strengthening it against the significant wind and vibration pressures tiny houses are subject to during transport.


“Fred’s consultation was extremely helpful in the planning stages of my tiny house build, I feel more confident moving forward and know that I’ve saved time, money and mistakes by seeking his experience and advice! Talking to someone who’s done it all before- especially in Australia with our different climate, materials and regulations- is invaluable! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fred’s consulting to anyone thinking, planning or building a tiny house.” -Pepper



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