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Tiny House Plans Australia

Tiny House Plans that save you money: 

These common mistakes cost tiny house builders time, money and sometimes the viability of their tiny house vehicle altogether:

  1. Building a tiny house vehicle like it is a conventional house on foundations: Houses on foundations do not have to withstand vibrations or wind forces like vehicles do. So it would be an incredibly expensive mistake to build a tiny house vehicle as though it was a conventional house on foundations. You need to build that strength into every joint and every aspect of the tiny house vehicle to make sure it doesn’t crack, break or fall apart during transport at any stage over its long life. This comes at the planning stage. So get your tiny house plans from expert design services.
  2. Failing to make a register-able vehicle: Failing to design a tiny house vehicle that is able to be registered makes it impossible to get insurance for the tiny house. In some cases it also means the tiny house falls under building and planning permits that register-able vehicles avoid.
  3. Building something that is over-weight: Building a tiny house vehicle over the weight limit of the trailer is both illegal and extremely dangerous. Not only will you be unable to move it with a truck, professional towing services may refuse to serve you, leaving your tiny house stranded wherever you built it, thereby loosing the great versitility of a tiny house on wheels.
  4. Making a hot house that is uninhabitable in summer: You know how hot it can get in a small space with lots of windows in the summertime. Just think of waiting in your car with the air conditioning off and the windows shut. You desperately need that ventilation in order to make it liveable in the summer. Same goes for insulating for hot weather. Don’t make a tiny house that you can’t stand to be in for four months of the year. 

Make sure your tiny house plan does all the important things:

  • Reflects your personality and values
  • Meets regulatory compliance
  • Is safe to tow
  • Is comfortable to live in year round for your climate, and of course:
  • Beautiful and clever design.

Award Winning Tiny House Design Services and plans for You.

Bring us your pencil drawings on a serviette and we will work with you to create build-able 2D construction drawings.

DIY builder:

  • Get a construction drawing that works in real life and not just in your head.
  • Get the license to build your tiny house vehicle using Fred’s Unified Construction Method™ for free.
  • Attend our nationally renowned Workshop Series for vital training on how to build and design a fantastic tiny house.
  • Get the money back from one person’s Workshop Series tickets when you purchase your first trailer.  

Engage a builder of your choice to build your tiny house vehicle:

Use your personalized design and work with the builder of your choice.

How it works:

  1. Get your tiny house designs from Fred and his team to make sure your tiny house vehicle will be awesome through and through. With the plans you can purchase the license to use the Unified Construction Method™ and put Fred’s Tiny Houses in contact with your builder.
  2. Order your perfectly fitting Tiny House Trailer.
  3. Deliver your trailer and drawings to your builder and let the construction begin.

Commercial Tiny House Builders:

Use Fred’s Unified Construction Methodin your designs for one-off tiny house vehicles or buy an annual license to get the most cost-effective licensing arrangement.

Use Fred’s Design Services to make your Tiny House Plans now:

Tiny House Plans Australia