Design Services

Get help with your tiny house design from an expert who looks after the DIY tiny house builder as well as the investor and entrepreneur.

Fred designs and builds tiny houses and trailers – specialising in off-grid designs that can be financed and insured as a caravan.

‘Design it From Scratch’ Design Services

$800 initial payment


Work with Fred and his architect to design your dream tiny house to your personal specifications.

Start with a conversation or a pencil drawing about your imagined tiny house and watch as your drawing comes to life in three stages: Outline, Detail & Construction Drawing.

Your final product will be a complete, refined architectural drawing, ready to build and sensibly designed using all the benefit of Fred’s tiny house knowledge. From there, we can build it for you to completion, to Lock Up Plus, or provide you with the trailer and you can DIY the rest.

Fred knows how to tailor your tiny house on wheels to be suitable to Australian road rules for a caravan as well as suitable for our Australian climate.

Buying tiny house plans off the internet are often North American and European designs that do not meet our Australian road rules for height and width and do not include provision for a radiant barrier to help keep you cool in summer.

Fred’s tiny house designs will be tailored for a tiny house on wheels in Australia that can be registered for travel as a caravan in all states and territories.

“Fred’s consultation was extremely helpful in the planning stages of my tiny house build, I feel more confident moving forward and know that I’ve saved time, money and mistakes by seeking his experience and advice! Talking to someone who’s done it all before- especially in Australia with our different climate, materials and regulations- is invaluable! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fred’s consulting to anyone thinking, planning or building a tiny house.” -Pepper


“I have a few questions” – One Hour


Are you just getting started on your tiny house ideas and need to know what’s possible?  A one hour Skype session with Fred can help clarify and inspire you on your way. It’s like your own personal workshop session, just for you.

Hear what others have said about a one hour consultation with Fred:

“I really got so much out of it and I feel like I am not taking on this project design on my own now….
Fred’s knowledge and insight was very valuable and it has given me more confidence and enthusiasm to continue with my project with his guidance of course. 
Fred made everything very easy to understand and was open and encouraging to my own ideas and design, I can’t wait to work with him further on the project.”  – Laura

“Fred’s Tiny House consultation was a welcoming experience. Fred helped me as a novice to all things building, to better understand where to start with planning and forward thinking. The consult felt personal and was individualised.
Fred is a wealth of knowledge and I’m sure I’ll be calling on Fred’s tiny houses again.” – Georgie