1) Short term stay, long term play
Use a Tiny House as a short stay accomodation to supplement your income and increase revenue from your property. This is applicable to renters as well as property owners.
2) 7% returns in first year.
If you buy a Tiny House from Fred’s Tiny Houses for $50 000 and lease it out for 28 nights per year, clearing $125 per night, you will make a 7% return on your investment in the first year.
3) Year after year, it just keeps getting better.
After 10 years of charging for accomodation at $125 per night, you will earn $35000 which is 70% of your original investment. With an annual increase of 4% in accomodation fees to cover inflation, you will recover more than 100% of your original $50K investment within 12 years, making an estimated total of $52589.88.
4) Eligible for Self Managed Super Fund Investment
Fred’s Tiny Houses are roadworthy and able to be categorised as a caravan which means they can be purchased and managed as part of a self managed super fund.
5) Fred’s Tiny Houses are able to be fully insured
Freds Tiny Houses are safe, roadworthy and built on registered trailers, which means they are able to be fully insured, keeping your asset and investment safe.
6) No building permit? No worries.
A Tiny House on wheels can be added to a property without violating building or planning laws because they are considered movable dwellings. This means that you can place a Tiny House on wheels on an un-buildable lot and still enjoy the benefits of your Tiny House investment. 
7) An investment that moves with you when you move
Moving house? Your tiny house comes with you. No leaving the improvement to your property to the next owners, take your money-maker with you to your next location. 
8) Beauty Bonus
One income-generating factor of a successful short stay accomodation is a beautiful allotment. If you have a picturesque piece of land, a unique property, a view or sought after location, you can enjoy happy customers and your investment revenue.
9) It’s legal and improves your lifestyle
Many local laws stipulate that a ‘caravan’ can be legally occupied for 28 nights per year, which is how the investment model is calculated. Some councils allow for 6 weeks stay or more.
Between being occupied by guests, your Tiny House can serve you as a studio, retreat, office or consulting suite.
10) No power, no problems.
Fred’s Tiny Houses can be made completely off-grid, making that remote and beautiful location all the more accessible for you and your guests. It also decreases running costs by eliminating energy and utility connection fees forever.
To find out how a tiny house investment can work for you, request a free 20 minute consultation.

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