Advocating for Local Government Changes!

One of the great things about our Workshops is that we invite local government Councillors to come and address us, to get the skinny on how tiny houses on wheels are really regarded in the local government area.

When Cr. Amanda Stapledon from the City of Casey came and spoke to our Melbourne Workshop she was not only enthusiastic to explain how she felt and what was going on in her patch, but she really wanted to listen to us all about what we feel should be happening.

So much so that she invited Fred to come and address the City of Casey Council about discuss some of the challenges with Tiny Houses throughout Victoria and to put forward suggestions on how the Local Law might better address Tiny Houses into the future.

It’s great to be asked not only to come and advocate for change but tell people in power how it can be done – quickly and simply! The message? Check out Fred’s video report!

For information about tiny house living, come along to one of our Where to put a Tiny House Workshops!

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