10 Gift Ideas for Tiny House Enthusiasts

Present for someone who wants a tiny house

They love tiny houses. So can I still buy them a gift?

When a loved one announces their passion for Tiny house living and minimalism, it’s a wonderful occasion for the environment, for their ethics and their finances, but it can be a bit tricky for others around birthdays and Christmas in our gift-giving culture.
How do you celebrate with them and express your love without treading on their ideals and filling their house with unwanted stuff? 
Here’s a list of 10 awesome gifts that you can rotate through over the years or just play on repeat when you find one that really strikes a chord. Your loved one will be pleased as punch to receive a gift that honours their ideals and it will feel great for you to still be able to wrap something up and say ‘Hooray!’ together. 

The List:what do you buy a friend for christmas for their tiny house

1) Consumable / Perishable
Soaps, wines, moisturisers, preserves, perfumes, fancy cheeses, flowers, home grown veggies etc.
2) Clothing
Vintage or second hand clothing or a a tiny house themed t-shirt, for example.
3) An indoor plant
Even tiny houses need indoor plants. Succulents can withstand long periods with no water, some other plants do well in low light too. If you are buying for someone who has a particular penchant for killing plants, there’s one popular option that is advertised as ‘thrives on neglect’ called a Zanzibar Gem or Zamioculcas… what do i buy for tiny house presentthere’s something for everyone! 
3) Jewelry 
It will be treasured and it is tiny, light and takes up no space.
4) Experiences
Tickets to a concert, zoo pass, an aquarium or high ropes course. Or make a date to take them out to a favourite look out point or picnic location. 
5) Tiny house building consultation
Get them in front a of a tiny house building expert to hone their dream tiny house design.
6) Tiny house online course
Buy them access to an online course at Tiny House University, an online learning platform where they can gift ideas tiny houselearn how to build their tiny house in a way that is safe, strong, lightweight and achievable.
7) Bluetooth speaker set
Totally portable, compact and compatible with any bluetooth music streaming device, you give the gift of great sounding music to make a tiny house a home.
8) Subscription to a favourite publication
Does your tiny house friend love permaculture, green designs, making preserves, knitting, or reading about political news? Chances are there’s a great magazine publication that you could arrange to have delivered to their door on a weekly or quarterly basis.
9) Latest technology accessories
Think phone protector, new ear phones, anything that’s neat and compact and makes life easier and your friend needs them anyway so they might as well have new, properly functioning versions of whatever it is. 
10) A holiday!
A night away somewhere beautiful is always a special treat. You could even make it a night christmas present for tiny house in a tiny house!